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A renewal of purpose: why finance must embrace its role in the ecological transition

Commentary 1 May, 2019

The financial sector must seize the strategic opportunity to drive the net-zero-carbon transition, supported by government through clear policy signals and regulatory frameworks, says Spain’s Minister for the Ecological Transition, Teresa Ribera, in this post for the Sustainable Finance Leadership series. read more »

Brexit will not dent London’s green finance ambitions

Commentary 11 February, 2019

The structural shifts underway to tackle climate change and other environmental issues mean there is huge potential for further growth in green finance despite challenges ahead, writes Roger Gifford for the Sustainable Finance Leadership Series. read more »

Insurance and climate risk: the critical role of regulators

Commentary 14 November, 2018

By Dave Jones, California Insurance Commissioner (January 2011–January 2019) Insurance regulators have a critical role to play in making sure insurance companies are addressing the risks associated with climate change. … read more »

Consultation response: ‘Streamlined energy and carbon reporting’

Consultation response: ‘Streamlined energy and carbon reporting’

a policy publication by Simon Dietz, Sini Matikainen, Bruno Rauis 8 December, 2017

This paper sets out responses to selected questions from the the UK government’s consultation on its proposal for a more streamlined and effective energy and carbon reporting framework. read more »