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Another lukewarmer promotes unscientific climate change denial in the ‘Daily Mail’

a commentary by Bob Ward 11 October, 2019

With Extinction Rebellion bringing parts of London to a standstill, right-wing national newspapers have been growing increasingly desperate in their attacks on the protests, while also giving more space to … read more »

UK newspaper ‘The Daily Telegraph’ duped by Bjorn Lomborg’s climate propaganda

a commentary by Bob Ward 17 June, 2019

‘The Daily Telegraph’ newspaper in the UK has become the latest victim of Bjorn Lomborg’s global dissemination campaign of inaccurate and misleading information about climate change. Over the past 18 … read more »

Another example of the echo chamber of climate change denial

a commentary by Bob Ward 4 March, 2019

The British echo chamber of climate change denial has been heavily used over the past couple of weeks as part of a campaign to spread misinformation about extreme weather events. … read more »

Climate change deniers trying to fool the public again about extreme weather

a commentary by Bob Ward 15 February, 2019

Climate change deniers in Britain are continuing to mislead the public and policy-makers by wrongly claiming that there has been no change in extreme weather over the past few decades … read more »

Fundamental flaw in Press watchdog’s complaints process helps newspapers to promote climate change denial

a commentary by Bob Ward 24 January, 2019

The Independent Press Standards Organisation has today published details of a decision that exposes a fundamental flaw in its process for dealing with complaints about fake news articles about climate change. read more »

Letter from Bob Ward to the Rt Hon Sir Alan Moses

Letter from Bob Ward to the Rt Hon Sir Alan Moses

a policy publication by Bob Ward 24 January, 2019

This letter to the chair of the UK’s Independent Press Standards Organisation relates to a recent ruling on a complaint submitted by Bob Ward in July 2018. The complaint was … read more »

‘Creative (Climate) Communications: Productive Pathways for Science, Policy and Society’

Seminar 1 Mar 2019

Dr Max Boykoff Director, Center for Science and Technology Policy Research (CSTPR) Fellow, Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences (CIRES) Associate Professor, Environmental Studies, University of Colorado-Boulder Deputy Editor, … read more »

Another humiliation for British climate change deniers and their promoters in the media

a commentary by Bob Ward 9 January, 2019

‘The Daily Telegraph’ has been forced today to publish corrections to an error-filled article about climate and energy policy by the newspaper’s former editor after it was ruled to be … read more »

American scientists and politicians attempt to overcome climate change denial

a commentary by Bob Ward 10 December, 2018

American climate researchers are today signalling their willingness to try even harder to warn Congress about the growing threat to families and businesses from shifts in extreme weather, rising sea … read more »

Letter from Bob Ward to Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson (Ranking Member US House Committee on Science, Space and Technology)

a policy publication 10 December, 2018

In this letter Bob Ward invites the Congresswomen to support efforts by American climate researchers to engage with polticians on climate change.