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A theory of gains from trade in multilaterally linked ETSs

a working paper by Baran Doda, Simon Quemin, Luca Taschini 4 September, 2017

This paper develops a novel theoretical tool with which a jurisdiction can evaluate the economic gains it can expect to obtain by linking its emissions trading system (ETS) to one, two or many ETSs at the same time. read more »

Cooperation in the climate commons

Cooperation in the climate commons

a working paper by Stefano Carattini, Simon Levin, Alessandro Tavoni 18 January, 2017

This paper surveys the existing empirical evidence on the scope for cooperation in the climate commons and on the effectiveness of possible interventions to spur it. Given the global public … read more »

Trumping progress or Clinton’s clean opportunity – The future of US climate policy after the elections

a commentary by Isabella Neuweg 7 November, 2016

In many respects the United States presidential election of 2016 could be decisive for the US, and the world, not least for the direction of climate policy. While many of … read more »

On the physics of three integrated assessment models

On the physics of three integrated assessment models

a research article by David Stainforth, Raphael Calel 3 November, 2016

Integrated assessment models (IAMs) are the main tools for combining physical and economic analyses to develop and assess climate change policy. Policy makers have relied heavily on three IAMs in … read more »

Climate change policy, innovation and growth

a policy report by Antoine Dechezleprêtre, Ralf Martin, Samuela Bassi 18 January, 2016

New clean technologies are urgently required to meet long-term global climate goals. Simulating the development of these technologies has become worldwide policy priority. This policy brief uses the … read more »

Public lecture | International cooperation and climate change

Public Lecture Alina Averchenkova, Fergus Green 23 Jun 2015

Dr Alina Averchenkova, Prof John Broome, Prof Robyn Eckersley and Fergus Green discuss why the international community been faltering on effective climate action and how we can break through the collective-action impasse. read more »

Conference Announcement – Registration now open

3 February, 2015

Title: “Green Growth and the New Industrial Revolution” Date: Thursday 26 March 2015 Venue: Royal Society of Arts, London Keynote Speakers Professor Cameron Hepburn, University of Oxford Simon Upton, Environment Director, … read more »

Green Growth and the New Industrial Revolution

Keynote Speakers Professor Cameron Hepburn, University of Oxford and Grantham Research Institute Simon Upton, Environment Director, OECD Chairs Professor Dame Judith Rees, Grantham Research Institute Professor Sam Fankhauser, Grantham Research … read more »

Special Interests and the Media: Theory and an Application to Climate Change

Public Lecture 19 Jan 2015

Public Lecture hosted jointly by the Grantham Research Institute and the Department of Economics Abstract: This talk will use tools from game theory and economics to study how special interests compete … read more »

Managing the climate commons at the nexus of ecology, behaviour and economics

Managing the climate commons at the nexus of ecology, behaviour and economics

a research article by Alessandro Tavoni, Simon Levin 26 November, 2014

Academic contributions to climate change policy have been constrained by methodological and terminological differences, so we discuss how programmes aimed at cross-disciplinary education and involvement in governance may help to unlock scholars’ potential to propose new solutions. read more »

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