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Insurance and climate risk: the critical role of regulators

Commentary 14 November, 2018

By Dave Jones, California Insurance Commissioner (January 2011–January 2019) Insurance regulators have a critical role to play in making sure insurance companies are addressing the risks associated with climate change. … read more »

Speech by Lord Stern at the Global Climate Action Summit in San Francisco on 13 September 2018

a commentary by Nicholas Stern 14 September, 2018

My argument is simple. The transition to the zero-carbon economy is the inclusive growth story of the 21st century. Let me explain. The world economy must grow over the next … read more »

Are seawalls correlated with lower property values in California?

Are seawalls correlated with lower property values in California?

a working paper by Arlan Brucal, Qingran Li, John Lynham 2 July, 2018

As sea levels rise with climate change there is pressure to protect the coast but while individual properties may benefit from seawalls, neighbouring properties may experience negative effects due, for example, to accelerated beach loss. This paper investigates the impacts of seawalls on property values in San Diego and Santa Cruz. read more »

California’s leadership on climate change

a commentary by Bob Ward 17 July, 2017

Later today, California’s Senate will vote on new laws to tackle climate change, including an extension to its successful cap-and-trade programme until 2030. It is expected to be a close … read more »

Grantham Seminar | Ian MacKenzie ‘Consignment auctions’

Seminar 30 May 2017

Ian MacKenzie, a Senior Lecturer in the School of Economics at the University of Queensland, will be the speaker at this event. The title of his talk will be ‘Consignment … read more »