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Green agricultural policies and poverty reduction

Green agricultural policies and poverty reduction

a policy publication by Stefania Lovo, Mintewab Bezabih, Gregor Singer 26 January, 2015

Since developing countries typically have large agricultural sectors, the implementation of green agricultural policies can play a key role in helping shift to low-carbon economies. However, the challenge … read more »

Modelling land use, deforestation, and policy analysis: A hybrid optimization-ABM heterogeneous agent model with application to the Bolivian Amazon

a working paper by Lykke Andersen, Ugur Bilge, Ben Groom, David Gutierrez, Evan Killick, Juan Carlos Ledezma, Charles Palmer, Diana Weinhold 9 September, 2014

Policy interventions designed to simultaneously stem deforestation and reduce poverty in tropical countries entail complex socio-environmental trade-offs. A hybrid model, comprising an optimising, agricultural household model integrated into the ‘shell’ … read more »