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Negative emissions under a net zero target: navigating the controversies and pitfalls

a commentary by Josh Burke 5 February, 2020

Josh Burke examines the costs, opportunities, advantages and disadvantages of different carbon capture and negative emissions technologies. read more »

What is “decarbonisation” of the power sector? Why do we need to decarbonise the power sector in the UK?


Decarbonising the power sector means reducing its carbon intensity: that is, reducing the emissions per unit of electricity generated (often given in grams of carbon dioxide per kilowatt-hour). Around the … read more »

How to price carbon to reach net-zero emissions in the UK

a policy publication by Josh Burke, Rebecca Byrnes, Sam Fankhauser 22 May, 2019

This report explains the importance of pricing carbon as a key component of any strategy to reach net-zero emissions in the UK, setting out how the price may differ sector to sector and how to incentivise negative emissions. read more »