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Nicholas Stern comments on the outcome of COP24

Press release 16 December, 2018

Responding to the outcome of the 24th session of the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP24), Nicholas Stern, Chair of the Grantham … read more »

Sustainable growth in the UK: Seizing opportunities from technological change and the transition to a low-carbon economy

This special report for the LSE Growth Commission shows why it is sensible for environmental sustainability to be at the heart of the UK’s growth strategy and how this can be achieved, setting out recommendations for government across the areas of innovation, infrastructure, skills and cities. read more »

Financing the climate change triple jump: how to align capital with a 1.5°C world

a commentary by Nick Robins 6 November, 2018

The global financial system needs to undertake its own transition, to play its role in limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees. Nick Robins identifies three ‘leaps’ for banks, capital markets, insurers and investors to take. read more »

Where next for sustainable insurance? Five priorities for the next decade

Where next for sustainable insurance? Five priorities for the next decade

a commentary by Swenja Surminski, Nick Robins, William Irwin 5 November, 2018

This commentary reviews how both the insurance sector and its partners could build on the growing momentum and overcome the continuing barriers to deep implementation of sustainable insurance practices over the coming decade. read more »

What does the UK need to do to make a realistic attempt at ‘net-zero’?

a commentary by Sam Fankhauser 16 October, 2018

The Government is seeking advice on how the UK can achieve ‘net-zero’ emissions from across the economy. But why is net-zero on the table and what would it take to achieve it? read more »

The economics of 1.5°C climate change

The economics of 1.5°C climate change

a research article by Simon Dietz, Alex Bowen, Baran Doda, Ajay Gambhir, Rachel Warren 27 September, 2018

The economic case for limiting warming to 1.5°C is unclear, due to manifold uncertainties. However, it cannot be ruled out that the 1.5°C target passes a cost-benefit test. Costs are … read more »

Researchers warn of big increase in economic costs if cuts in greenhouse gas emissions are delayed

Press release 27 September, 2018

Stronger efforts to cut emissions of greenhouse gases should be undertaken if global warming of more than 1.5 Celsius degrees is to be avoided without relying on potentially more expensive … read more »