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Robert Falkner

The Paris Agreement and the new logic of international climate politics

a research article by Robert Falkner  31 August, 2016

This article reviews and assesses the outcome of the 21st Conference of the Parties (COP-21) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), held in Paris in … read more »

Beliefs, politics, and environmental policy

a research article by Antony Millner,  23 August, 2016

Experts and the general public often perceive environmental problems differently. Moreover, regulatory responses to environmental issues often do not coincide with consensus expert recommendations. These two facts are mutually … read more »

A bargaining experiment on heterogeneity and side deals in climate negotiations

a working paper by Greer Gosnell, Alessandro Tavoni  15 August, 2016

The recent global climate change agreement in Paris leaves a wide gap between pledged and requisite emissions reductions in keeping with the commonly accepted 2°C target. A recent strand of … read more »

The endowment effect and environmental discounting

a working paper by Simon Dietz, Frank Venmans  5 August, 2016

There is a considerable body of evidence from behavioural economics and contingent valuation showing that our preferences exhibit both reference dependence and loss aversion, a.k.a. the endowment effect. In this … read more »

Carbon dating: When is it beneficial to link ETSs?

a working paper by Baran Doda, Luca Taschini  1 August, 2016

We propose a theory of the economic advantage (EA) of regulating carbon emissions by linking two emissions trading systems versus operating them under autarky. Linking implies that permits issued in … read more »

Virgin Atlantic tested 3 ways to change employee behavior

Virgin Atlantic tested 3 ways to change employee behavior

a research article by Greer Gosnell  1 August, 2016

Robert Metcalfe, Greer Gosnell and John List, Harvard Business Review, 1 August 2016

Climate change, heat stress and labour productivity: A cost methodology for city economies

a working paper by Hélia Costa, Graham Floater, Hans Hooyberghs, Stijn Verbeke, Koen De Ridder  29 July, 2016

Cities are particularly vulnerable to heat waves. Despite this, no comprehensive methodology has been developed to assess the costs of heat stress on city economies either currently or under future … read more »

How green are economists?

How green are economists?

a working paper by Stefano Carattini, Alessandro Tavoni  28 July, 2016

The market for voluntary carbon offsets has grown steadily in the last decade, yet it remains a very small niche. While 10% of greenhouse gas emissions generated by transportation are … read more »

Transnational action fostering climate protection in the city of São Paulo and beyond

a research article by Joana Setzer  28 July, 2016

This article examines the local outcomes of São Paulo city’s engagement in transnational networks for climate protection. The participation of municipalities in such networks has been an important driver … read more »

Weighing the costs and benefits of climate change to our children

Weighing the costs and benefits of climate change to our children

a research article by Simon Dietz, Ben Groom, William Pizer  27 July, 2016

Our efforts to put the brakes on climate change or adapt to a warming climate present a fundamental tradeoff between costs borne today and benefits that accrue to the … read more »

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