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  • Growth and the economy

  • Dr Ralph Hippe

    Post Doctoral Researcher

    Ralph worked with the Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment from September 2013 until August 2015. Ralph worked on the project entitled ‘Green growth and a new industrial revolution’, financed by the Global Green Growth Institute.


    Ralph holds a PhD in Economics from University of Strasbourg, BETA/CNRS (France) and University of Tuebingen (Germany) (summa cum laude). His thesis focused on human capital formation and economic growth.

    Ralph was awarded the Best Dissertation Prize by the Franco-German University in 2014. He has been the recipient of 3 further dissertation prizes in France and Germany by Société des Amis des Universités de l’Académie de Strasbourg, by RWT Reutlinger Wirtschaftstreuhand GmbH and by Chapitre de Saint-Thomas.

    He is currently also working as a consultant on a World Bank project and has been a Visiting Researcher at IDDRI/Sciences Po Paris. Previously, he worked as a Research Assistant at Sciences Po Strasbourg and the University of Tuebingen.

    Ralph also holds Master’s degrees in business administration and management from Ecole de Management Strasbourg (Very good) and University of Tuebingen (Very good). He wrote his Master’s thesis at Banque de France.

    Ralph speaks English, French, Spanish, German and some Italian.

    Research interests

    • Green growth
    • Knowledge economy and human capital
    • Structural change and government policy
    • Economic development
    • Spatial and regional analysis
    Research article  27 April, 2015

    Why did the knowledge transition occur in the West and not the East? ICT and the role of governments in Europe, East Asia and the Muslim world

    Hippe, R. 2015. Economics and Business Review, v. 1, pp. 9-33.

    Working paper  17 March, 2015

    The human capital transition and the role of policy

    Paper seeks to investigate how industrialised economies managed to achieve the transition from low to high levels of human capital, and goes on to identify lessons for green growth. read more »

    Working paper  18 February, 2015

    Why did the knowledge transition occur in the West and not in the East? ICT and the role of governments in Europe, East Asia and the Muslim world

    The invention of a new ICT, the printing press, may have been a fundamental turning point in knowledge transition. But did Gutenberg’s printing press succeed in Europe because of, or … read more »


    Research article  27 May, 2014

    Human capital and economic growth: theory and quantification

    Hippe, R. 2014. Economies et sociétés, AF, v. 49, pp. 1233-1267.


    Research article  27 May, 2013

    Are you NUTS? The factors of production and their long-run evolution in Europe from a regional perspective

    Hippe, R. 2013. Historical Social Research, v. 38, pp. 324-348.

    Research article  27 May, 2013

    Spatial clustering of human capital in the European regions

    Hippe, R. 2013. Economies et sociétés, AF, v. 46, pp. 1077-1104.


    Research article  27 May, 2012

    Regional inequality in human capital formation in Europe 1790-1880

    Hippe, R., and J. Baten. 2012. Scandinavian Economic History Review, v. 60, pp. 254-289 (article won a best-article prize of the SEHR).

    Research article  27 May, 2012

    How to measure human capital? The relationship between numeracy and literacy

    Economies et sociétés, AF, v. 45, pp. 1527-1554. 2012


    Research article  27 May, 2009

    Banane bleue et Banane rouge. L’exemple de l’Alsace dans les relations économiques.

    Hippe, R., and C. Barmeyer. 2009. Documents. Revue du dialogue franco-allemand, v. 65, pp.14-18 (also published in German translation as Barmeyer, C., and R. Hippe. 2009. Blaue Banane und Rote … read more »

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    Announcement  3 December, 2014

    Grantham researcher awarded Best Dissertation Prize from Franco-German University

    Ralph Hippe was recently awarded the Best Dissertation Prize by the Franco-German University for his PhD thesis in Economics read more »

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