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  • Sustainable Development

  • Janna Tenzing

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    Janna’s research focuses on the human dimensions of vulnerability to climate change (particularly in least developed countries), and the role of social protection in national adaptation strategies for building resilience.


    Janna has been a researcher at the International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED) since 2014, supporting the Least Developed Countries Group in the UNFCCC process. As a member of the Gambian delegation, she engaged directly in the negotiations that led to the adoption of the Paris Agreement. Prior to this, she worked at UN Women on intergovernmental processes related to climate change and sustainable development.

    Janna holds a MSc in environment, science and society (Distinction) from University College London and a BA in sociology and English from McGill University.

    Research interests:

    • Climate change adaptation
    • Social protection
    • Gender and development
    Research article  11 November, 2019

    Integrating social protection and climate change adaptation: A review

    Policymakers are increasingly interested in how social protection is evolving in the context of climate change. This review assesses what the literature tells us about its role in facilitating adaptation … read more »

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