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  • Elisabeth Isaksen

    Visiting Fellow and Former Research Officer

    Elisabeth Isaksen was a Research Officer at the Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment from 2017 until 2019. Her research focused on the roles of formal and informal institutions in mitigating environmental problems. In particular, she used econometric techniques to identify causal effects of environmental, resource and climate policies, with attention to both efficiency and equity aspects.


    Elisabeth has a PhD in Economics from the University of Oslo, titled “Empirical essays on policies and cooperation to mitigate environmental problems (2017)”.  Prior to pursuing her PhD she worked for four years at Statistics Norway, both as a statistician and as a researcher, on topics related to energy use, emissions and climate policies. She has also been a lecturer in undergraduate courses in microeconomics and welfare economics at the University of Oslo during her doctoral studies. She holds a MSc in Economics from the Norwegian School of Economics.

    Research interests:

    • Environmental and resource economics
    • Applied econometrics
    • Efficiency and equity impacts of environmental and climate policies.
    • Behavioral economics


    Research article  1 July, 2019

    Tragedy, property rights, and the commons: Investigating the causal relationship from institutions to ecosystem collapse

    Do private property rights mitigate overexploitation of common pool resources and, if so, under which circumstances? In this paper, we examine the effects of private property rights on the status … read more »


    Working paper  6 December, 2018

    Have international pollution protocols made a difference?

    This analysis investigated three international agreements to mitigate cross-border environmental pollution and found them to have directly led to sizeable reductions in pollutants. The findings suggest that protocols of this kind can be an effective tool to induce countries to reduce their emissions. read more »

    Research article  27 November, 2018

    Positive framing does not solve the tragedy of the commons

    We investigate whether positive framing increases cooperation in three social dilemmas with slightly different properties: a linear public goods (PG) game, a non-linear PG game, and a common pool … read more »

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    Grantham Workshop 12 Jun 2019

    Carbon pricing, compensation, and competitiveness: Lessons from UK manufacturing | Elisabeth Isaksen

    Elisabeth will be discussing her paper on Carbon pricing, compensation, and competitiveness: Lessons from UK manufacturing which she co-authored with Piero Basaglia and Misato Sato. Abstract Carbon pricing is often … read more »

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