Former staff
Left to work at the Institute of Sustainable Resources at UCL.


Carole Dalin

Former Research Officer

Carole joined the GRI in July 2014 where she worked on the SAHEWS project (Southern Africa’s Hydro-Economy and Water Security). She moved on in August 2016 to take up post as NERC Independent Research Fellow and Senior Research Fellow at the Institute of Sustainable Resources at University College London (UCL).


Carole’s research concentrates on the water-food-energy nexus of Southern Africa, and on the socio-economic implications of climate forecasts, regarding natural resources management in particular.

Her doctoral thesis focuses on water resources transfers, through Chinese and international agricultural trade.

Research interests:

  • Environmental engineering
  • Hydrology
  • International economics / trade
  • Environmental policy
  • Climate change mitigation and adaptation



Research article  8 December, 2017

Hydropower plans in eastern and southern Africa increase risk of concurrent climate-related electricity supply disruption

This paper explores how hydropower dams planned for eastern and southern Africa could put electricity supply at risk for vast regions because they rely on the same rainfall patterns for electricity generation. read more »


Research article  4 March, 2016

Environmental impacts of food trade via resource use and greenhouse gas emissions

Agriculture will need to significantly intensify in the next decades to continue providing essential nutritive food to a growing global population. However, it can have harmful environmental impacts, due to … read more »

Research article  27 January, 2016

Water resources transfers through southern African food trade: water efficiency and climate signals

We combine global hydrological model simulations with international food trade data to quantify the water resources embedded in international food trade in southern Africa and with the rest of the world, from 1986–2011. read more »


Research article  26 August, 2015

Climate and southern Africa's water–energy–food nexus

In southern Africa, the connections between climate and the water–energy–food nexus are strong. Physical and socioeconomic exposure to climate is high in many areas and in crucial economic sectors. Spatial … read more »

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Grantham Workshop 27 Apr 2016

Grantham Workshop | Carole Dalin & Daniel Heyen

This week’s Grantham Workshop will feature two speakers from the Grantham Research Institute: Carole Dalin, a Research Officer, will give a presentation entitled “Who is eating up the world’s aquifers? … read more »

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