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Brexit will not dent London’s green finance ambitions

Commentary  11 February, 2019

The structural shifts underway to tackle climate change and other environmental issues mean there is huge potential for further growth in green finance despite challenges ahead, writes Roger Gifford for the Sustainable Finance Leadership Series. read more »

New report shows how investors can take account of social impacts when financing action on climate change

Press release  4 February, 2019

UK investors have a “strategic opportunity” to ensure that the action on climate change that they are financing has a positive social impact across the country, according to a new … read more »

New £3.5m research network to support UK transition to a low-carbon economy

Press release  31 January, 2019

The Minister for Energy and Clean Growth, Claire Perry, will today (31 January 2019) launch an initiative to create a network of new and extended city climate commissions in Edinburgh, … read more »

Fundamental flaw in Press watchdog’s complaints process helps newspapers to promote climate change denial

a commentary by Bob Ward  24 January, 2019

The Independent Press Standards Organisation has today published details of a decision that exposes a fundamental flaw in its process for dealing with complaints about fake news articles about climate change. read more »

Why the Paris Agreement is the 21st century’s social contract

Commentary  23 January, 2019

The Paris Agreement on climate change is not just an environmental treaty but offers the basis for a new and inclusive model of development. France is committed to making finance a driving force behind this transition, explains Brune Poirson in this post for the Sustainable Finance Leadership Series. read more »

Sustainable finance in troubling times: five actions to prevent market turbulence turning into a crisis

a commentary by Nick Robins  9 January, 2019

Sustainable finance ended 2018 on a high. Never before has so much capital been committed to integrating environmental, social and governance factors. But financial markets also entered an unnerving cycle. If we are not careful, growing financial turbulence could divert attention away from the urgent need to scale up investment in climate action and sustainable development, writes Nick Robins. read more »

Are smart meters good for UK households?

a commentary by Greer Gosnell, Daire McCoy  9 January, 2019

How realistic are the predicted savings to household energy bills from installing a smart meter? And how robust is the evidence behind the figures? Greer Gosnell and Daire McCoy investigate, in the second of two posts on smart meters. read more »

Another humiliation for British climate change deniers and their promoters in the media

a commentary by Bob Ward  9 January, 2019

‘The Daily Telegraph’ has been forced today to publish corrections to an error-filled article about climate and energy policy by the newspaper’s former editor after it was ruled to be … read more »

Why the UK’s smart meter rollout needs to be smarter

Why the UK’s smart meter rollout needs to be smarter

a commentary by Greer Gosnell, Daire McCoy  8 January, 2019

With recent reports criticising the UK Government’s rollout of its smart meter implementation programme, Greer Gosnell and Daire McCoy review the costs and benefits and call for a revamp, particularly of consumer engagement. read more »

A Nobel Prize for the creator of an economic model that underestimates the risks of climate change

a commentary by Bob Ward  2 January, 2019

The 2018 Nobel Prize for Economics has focused a spotlight on the ongoing controversy surrounding estimates of the potential impacts of climate change. On 8 October, The Royal Swedish Academy … read more »