Daoju (Claire) Peng is an associate professor at Capital University of Economics and Business, China. Her research focused on macro finance, structural transformation, growth, production network and business cycle using quantitative macro models. She also conducts research on corporate finance, especially on corporate social responsibility and corporate political strategy using rich micro-level data.


Daoju (Claire) holds a Ph.D. in Economics from the Chinese University of Hong Kong; M.A. in Economics and B.A. in management from Renmin University of China. Daoju (Claire) held postdoctoral position at the Finance Research Institute of the People’s Bank of China (PBOC, the central bank). She was the key member of a research team at National Institute of Financial Research of Tsinghua University, mainly conducting research on low carbon transition and the associated economic policies.

Research interests 

  • Structural transformation and the development paradigm shift towards low-carbon economy from both macroeconomic and microeconomic perspectives, including ESG, CSR and corporate political strategy. 
  • The interaction between finance, climate and structural transformation, including climate risk and its associated consequence.
  • The interaction between macro finance and macroeconomics as well as production network and business cycle in structural quantitative models.
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