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Talking about Inequality

The International Inequalities Institute at LSE has hosted some of the world's biggest names to talk about inequality. Watch and listen to their talks here. You can browse either by category or by speaker (alphabetical order).

By category

Causes of Inequality (overview)

Causes of Inequality (specific forms of inequality)

Intersectionality, Gender, Race & Religion

Reproduction of Inequalities

Consequences of Inequality

Measuring Inequality

Solutions to Inequality

Tony Atkinson - Inequality: What Can Be Done?

Tony Atkinson - Policy Implications (Inequality in the 21st Century Conference)

Thomas Piketty's response to Tony in the above

John Hills, Deborah Hargreaves & David Soskice - Taxing the Rich (III Annual Conference)

Craig Calhoun, Shami Chakrabarti, Duncan Green & Phumeza Mlungwana - Challenging Inequalities

David Stasavage - Taxing the Rich: a history of fiscal fairness in the United States and Europe

Guy Standing - Basic Income: and how we can make it happen

Naila KabeerIntersecting Inequalities and the Sustainable Development Goals: insights from Brazil

Chuck Collins, Mvuyo Tom, Anna Rathbone, Simon Duncan - Health Equity: barriers and oppportunities

Jee Kim, Katy Wright, Amartya Sen - Inequalities: changing the terms of the debate

Darren Walker - Investing in Equality: the role of capital and justice in addressing inequality

Cristobal Young - The Myth of Millionaire Tax Flight: how place still matters for the rich

Rachel Lomax, Ed Miliband, David Willets - What Can Be Done to Reduce Inequality? 

Tania Burchardt, Amy Feneck, Sam Friedman, Luna Glucksberg - The Challenge of Richness? Rethinking the Giant of Poverty (LSE Festival 2018)

Tania Burchardt, John Hills, Stephen Jenkins, Lucinda Platt - Five LSE Giants' Perspectives on Poverty (LSE Festival 2018)

Chris Hughes, Natalie Fenton, Kam Sandhu and Bev Skeggs - Fair Shot: rethinking inequality and how we earn

By speaker (alphabetical order)

Facundo Alvaredo

Tony Atkinson

Will Bartlett

Tony Bennett 

Catherine Boone

Tania Burchardt

Craig Calhoun

Shami Chakrabarti

Chuck Collins

Health Equity: barriers and opportunities (III Annual Conference 2017)


Kimberlé Crenshaw

Matthew Desmond

Danny Dorling

Akwugo Emejulu

Sonia Exley

Robert Frank

Dena Freeman

Sam Friedman

Luna Glucksberg

Sarah Goff

Duncan Green

Emily Grundy

Deborah Hargreaves

Lydia Hayes

John Hills

Chris Hughes

Asma Jahangir

Stephen P Jenkins

Gareth Jones

Naila Kabeer

Jee Kim

Inequalities: changing the terms of the debate (III Annual Conference 2017)


Insa Koch

Nicola Lacey

Michèle Lamont

Ruth Lister

Stephen Machin

Alan Manning 

Lisa McKenzie

Branko Milanovic

Mary Morgan

Tim Newburn

Clive James Nwonka

PartecipArte Theatre Company

Thomas Piketty

Lucinda Platt

John A Powell

Anne Power

Anna Rathbone and Simon Duncan

Health Equity: barriers and opportunities (III Annual Conference 2017)

Aaron Reeves

Bob Rowthorn

Mike Savage

Liz Sayce

Walter Scheidel

Paul Segal

Stephanie Seguino

Amartya Sen

Alpa Shah 

Thomas Shapiro

Anthony Shorrocks

Bev Skeggs

David Soskice

Guy Standing

David Stasavage

Nicholas Stern

Joseph Stiglitz 

Mvuyo Tom

Health Equity: barriers and opportunities (III Annual Conference 2017)

Donald Tomaskovic-Devey

Polly Vizard

Jane Waldfogel

Darren Walker

Kim Weeden

Joan C. Williams

Paul Willman

Katy Wright

Inequalities: changing the terms of the debate (III Annual Conference 2017)

Cristobal Young