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Investing in Equality: the role of capital and justice in addressing inequality

1st November 2017

Speaker: Darren Walker (President of the Ford Foundation)
Chair: Professor Julia Black (Interim Director, LSE)

Only with policy can you impact the impulse to exclude.

Philanthropic organisations play a key role in challenging the causes, effects, and consequences of inequality, funding projects that aim to directly and indirectly reduce the inequality gap. However questions have been raised about the approach, direction and priorities of such wealthy organisations when funding projects to tackle inequality, and the effect of these projects on the beneficiaries and the economy as a whole.

The Ford Foundation has identified inequality as the central issue of our time. Darren Walker, President of Ford Foundation, discussed the work and focus of the Ford Foundation, and the greater role of Philanthropy in reducing inequality.

This event was funded by the Atlantic Fellows programme.


Investing in Equality Investing in Equality