The Labour of Care: work, law, and finance

1 May 2018

Speakers: Lydia Hayes (Cardiff University), Kevin Lucas (UNISON North West), Nicola Lacey (LSE), Insa Koch (LSE)
Chair: Bev Skeggs (LSE)

There are few better examples of the contempt that the State holds for working class women than the way care workers have been treated

 Labour of Care banner

If a society is judged on its ability to care for those who need support, what does it mean to turn caring into profit?

Caring is one of the most pressing concerns for anyone who is a parent, ageing, less able, and/or looking after anyone who needs support, yet it is often taken for granted as an activity. This event will focus the consequences for care when the most basic human/e pursuit has been turned into a “for profit” activity. What happens when a basic social emotion is monetised? What does this mean for the future of humanity?

To celebrate May Day the Atlantic Fellows for Social and Economic Equity, based at the International Inequalities Institute, will explore how the Labour of Care - the often-ignored activity of caring for another person and it’s future role in social, political, and economic life.

A video and podcast from the event are now available below:

The Labour of Care video The Labour of Care video


Labour of Care podcast Labour of Care podcast


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