What We Treasure We Measure: a theatrical engagement with gender in/equality

8 November 2017

Performance by: PartecipArte Theatre Company
Chair: Dr Ania Plomien (LSE Department of Gender Studies)

PartecipArte engage with gender inequality in the European Union using 'Theatre of the Oppressed' theatrical forms to analyse, understand and tackle multiple dimensions of gender in/equality by exposing them on stage. PartecipArte present a 'theatrical PowerPoint' which shows, with human slides and living statues, the different ways to approach gender equality and the current situation of gender equality in European Union.

Inspired by the Gender Equality Index, the theatrical PowerPoint highlights how men and women are assigned different responsibilities, rights, benefits and opportunities in the activities they perform, in access to the control of resources and in decision-making processes. The slides explain the unfavourable situation of women in all of the six core domains composing the Gender Equality Index – work, money, knowledge, time, power and health - and in the satellite domain of violence against women. In turn, the audience becomes the protagonist and the author of a new PowerPoint, asking should we accept those stories or can we change them?

Download video / watch below:


What We Treasure We Measure What We Treasure We Measure