Danny Dorling 3

The Equality Effect: improving life for everyone

18th May 2017

Speaker: Professor Danny Dorling (Halford Mackinder Professor of Geography at the University of Oxford)
Chair: Dr Neil Lee (Assistant Professor in Economic Geography, LSE)

We are slowly becoming aware of the absurdity of growing inequality.

More and more evidence is emerging to suggest that greater economic equality benefits all people in all societies, whether you are rich, poor or in-between. In more equal countries, human beings are generally happier and healthier, there is less crime, more creativity and higher educational attainment. The truth of this generalisation has only become evident recently, and is contentious because it contradicts the views of many in the elite. The most economically unequal countries in the rich world are now the USA, Israel and the UK, where sustaining high rates of inequality is becoming increasingly expensive. In this talk to launch his latest book, Danny Dorling shows that the evidence of the equality effect is now so overwhelming that it should be changing politics and society all over the world.

The Equality Effect: improving life for everyone The Equality Effect: improving life for everyone