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Speaker(s): Dr Tania Burchardt, Amy Feneck, Dr Sam Friedman, Dr Luna Glucksberg
Chair: Professor Mike Savage

Recorded on 20 February 2018 at Sheikh Zayed Theatre, New Academic Building

The economic and political power of the richest in our society has dramatically increased since 1942. 75 years on since his report, the panel will discuss whether Beveridge’s concern with poverty now needs to be extended to include a concern with richness.

Tania Burchardt is Director of the Centre for Analysis of Social Exclusion (CASE) and an Associate Professor in the Department of Social Policy at LSE.

Amy Feneck is an artist based in London. Her work spans photography, writing, moving image and participatory projects, including collaborating with artist Ruth Beale on The Alternative School of Economics – an artistic project investigating political, social and cultural issues.

Sam Friedman (@SamFriedmanSoc) is an Associate Professor in the Department of Sociology at LSE. His research focuses on the cultural dimensions of contemporary class division.

Luna Glucksberg (@luna_inequality) is an urban anthropologist based in LSE’s International Inequalities Institute, looking at socio-economic stratification in contemporary British society. Her current work focuses on the reproduction of wealth amongst elites in the UK, considering the roles of two key and so far under-researched actors: family offices and women.

Mike Savage (@MikeSav47032563) is the Martin White Professor of Sociology at LSE and co-Director of the LSE’s International Inequalities Institute. His research focuses principally on social inequality, with a particular interest in social stratification and inequality.

With an introduction from Katharina Hecht (@katharina_hecht), a PhD Researcher in the Department of Sociology at LSE. Her research focuses on perceptions of top incomes and wealth.

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