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The Piketty Opportunity

26 January 2017

Speakers: Patricia Hudson (Emeritus Professor Cardiff University), Avner Offer (Chichele Professor of Economic History, Oxford University) and Keith Tribe (Independent Scholar)
Discussants: Professor Torben Iversen (Harvard University, Centenial Professor LSE) and Dr Tasha Fairfield (LSE International Development)
Chair: Professor Mike Savage (Co-Director of the III, Martin White Professor of Sociology at LSE)

This event marked the publication of The Contradictions of Capital in the Twenty-First Century, a volume of essays that builds upon the renewed interest in wealth and inequality stimulated by the work of Thomas Piketty. The book brings together an international team of leading economic historians and economists to provide a comprehensive overview of global developments in the theory, practice, and policy of inequality, and its place in the modern world order.

The book adds to Piketty's rich work on developed economies by covering Latin America, Africa, India, and Japan, providing a global perspective upon a global phenomenon. It marks an important step in the process of developing Piketty's analytical framework and empirical material, overcoming its limitations and helping to cement a lasting place for inequality in the agenda of growth theory.

Editors and authors Patricia Hudson, Avner Offer and Keith Tribe joined with associates of the International Inequalities Institute to discuss the analysis of inequality in an international context.

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The Piketty Opportunity The Piketty Opportunity