Francisco Pereira Fontes

Research student

Franciso’s PhD research focuses on distributional issues related to transfers in the Pacific region. Francisco started started his PhD in Environmental Economics at the LSE in September 2014.


Francisco obtained a BSc in International Economics from the University of Essex. Following this he went on to do an MSc in Economics at Warwick and then a second MSc in Development Economics at SOAS.

Francisco has worked as an ODI Fellow in the Ministry of Finance in Timor-Leste (Macroeconomics Unit and Petroleum Revenue Unit) (September 2012- September 2014).

In June 2012, as part of his MSc dissertation, Francisco worked at the Africa Rice Center on issues related to the impact evaluation of the adoption of rice varieties in the Gambia and Nigeria.

Research interests:

  • Development Economics
  • Agricultural/ Resource Economics
  • Transfers
  • Impact evaluation
  • Africa, Asia and the Pacific
Working paper  23 May, 2018

Revisiting the link between cereal diversity and production in Ethiopia

A significant increase in agricultural productivity in Africa is crucial for successful economic development. This transformation will have to occur in a very challenging environment due to demographic pressures and … read more »


Working paper  28 August, 2017

Does choice of drought index influence estimates of drought-induced cereal losses in India?

This research suggests that by using a more flexible measure of droughts policy-makers could more effectively shape policy responses relating to climate adaptation and more accurately identify agricultural locations more vulnerable to climate change. read more »

Working paper  27 January, 2017

Was von Thünen right? Cattle intensification and deforestation in Brazil

This paper examines whether patterns of cattle intensification, deforestation and pasture expansion in the Brazilian state of Rondonia are consistent with the land rent framework, in which location and distance to markets are key determinants of rents. read more »

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