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Second round of SEAC Research Fund awarded

Dr Ben Groom and Dr Charles Palmer (LSE Department of Geography and Environment) have been awarded a grant from the second round of the SEAC research fund for the project, 'The Palm Oil Concession Moratorium and its Spatial Impact on Deforestation', which will run until July 2019. The LSE SEAC Research Fund is a biennial grant available to LSE faculty and SEAC Associates to support social science research on Southeast Asia. More


SEAC article on future UK-Southeast Asia relations 

SEAC Director Dr Jürgen Haacke and SEAC Researcher John Harley Breen have co-written an article entitled, 'Steering UK–Southeast Asia Relations Post-Brexit'. The article unpacks the UK's longstanding security and economic interests in Southeast Asia, and explores the options available to the UK when its relationship with the region is no longer mediated through the European Union. The article appeared on the East Asia Forum this month, and will be available on the SEAC Blog soon. 


SEAC and UKABC hosted a 'Breakfast Briefing' on Cambodia 

On Wednesday 21st February, SEAC co-hosted an 'ASEAN Breakfast Briefing' on Cambodia with the UK-ASEAN Business Council (UKABC). The briefing by H.E. Dr Soeung Rathchavy (Ambassador, Royal Embassy of Cambodia) and Trevor Sworn, (Chairman, British Chamber of Commerce in Cambodia) featured an overview of the current economic climate in Cambodia and the opportunities available to UK companies, followed by a roundtable discussion with business representatives from across London. 


A Philippine delgation was welcomed to LSE

On Wednesday 14th February, SEAC welcomed several Filipino Supreme Court Justices and members of the academe on Competition Law and Economics to LSE. As competition law in the Philippines is in its early stages, the meeting offered an opportunity for a general discussion on legal policy and best practices. SEAC Associate, Prof James Putzel, chaired the meeting, which also benefited from the insights of Prof Ken Shadlen (LSE Department of International Development) and Dr Andriani Kalintiri and Dr Niamh Dunne (LSE Department of Law)



SEAC Associate had an article published

Associate Professor of International History, Dr Kirsten E. Schulze, has co-written an article with Prof Joseph Chinyong Liow (Nanyang Technological University and Dean of the S.Rajaratnam School of International Studies). The paper, published in February, is entitled 'Making Jihadis, Waging Jihad: Transnational and Local Dimensions of the ISIS Phenomenon in Indonesia and Malaysia'. It examines the ISIS phenomenon in Indonesia and Malaysia and can be read here.


SEAC hosted its first Cove Sessions

On Friday 12th January, SEAC organised its inaugural Cove Session. The focus was the UK’s evolving Southeast Asia policy, led by Head of the Southeast Asia and Pacific Department at the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office John Virgoe. On Thursday 18th January, SEAC organised a further session that examined the current state of ISIS in Indonesia. The speakers were: Sidney Jones (Director of the Institute for Policy Analysis of Conflict - IPAC),  Nava Nuraniyah (Analyst at IPAC) and Solahudin (University of Indonesia). 



SEAC hosted 'Militant Islamism in Southeast Asia' Workshop

On Friday 19th January 2018, SEAC hosted a workshop entitled, ‘Militant Islamism in Southeast Asia'. The workshop examined the recent evolution of militant Islamism in Southeast Asia by exploring the impact of the defeat of ISIS in the Middle East and returning Southeast Asian mujahedin, the take-over of Marawi in the Philippines by pro-ISIS jihadis, and rising religious politics and protest in the region. It focused specifically on Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines, and was attended by researchers, embassy staff and civil servants.




LSE SEAC engaged with student societies on campus

On Wednesday 22nd November, SEAC Associate Dr Kirsten Schulze chaired the panel discussion 'Indonesia: a democracy at the crossroads', hosted by the LSE Student Union's ASEAN Society and Indonesian Society. That evening SEAC Director Dr Jürgen Haacke also spoke at a special dialogue event organised by the School's oldest student society, The Grimshaw Club, entitled 'Southeast Asia: a region of contestation'.


LSE SEAC received a delegation from the Philippines

On Wednesday 25th October SEAC welcomed a high-level delegation from the Philippines to LSE. They were received by Dr Jürgen Haacke and SEAC Associate, Professor James Putzel. The meeting provided an opportunity to network and discuss current Philippine tax reform efforts, as well as a range of geopolitical issues.


LSE SEAC hosted His Excellency Dr Rizal Sukma for a public lecture

On Tuesday 17th October 2017, SEAC welcomed His Excellency Dr Rizal Sukma, Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia to the United Kingdom and Ireland, to give a public lecture. The Ambassador assessed Indonesia's role in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). The podcast and storify from the event are now available online.


LSE SEAC hosted a panel event on armed conflict in Myanmar

On Friday 13th October, SEAC hosted a public panel discussion on the array of non-state armed groups in the borderland regions of Myanmar in collaboration with the LSE Global South Unit. The podcast and summary blog of the panel discussion are now available online.


SEAC Director spoke at UK-ABC Business Forum

Dr Jürgen Haacke presented on a panel discussion about the prospects of ASEAN, with special reference to the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) and the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP), at the ASEAN@50 Business Forum on 11th October.  More information and recordings of the event are available here.


LSE SEAC hosted a Hedging Workshop

On Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th of September, SEAC hosted a workshop entitled 'Hedging in International Politics: conceptualising and theorising Southeast Asia’s relations with major powers in comparative perspective'. Organised by Centre Director Jürgen Haacke, the workshop sought to take stock of the existing literature on ‘hedging’and to discuss ways to take forward new research on its practice.

Jurgen Haacke

Dr Jürgen Haacke was quoted in an article which appeared in Forbes

SEAC Director Dr Jürgen Haacke was quoted in an article which appeared in Forbes about how Britain is aiming to become more relevant in the Asia-Pacific.

Read the full article here.

Tim Forsyth

Professor Tim Forsyth presented at the International Thai Studies Conference in Thailand 

In June 2017, SEAC Associate Professor Tim Forsyth gave a presentation on environmental politics and the connection of local development problems with global climate policy in Chiang Mai. He also conducted interviews with environmental activists and visited sites of protests.


SEAC Director presented research on US-Myanmar foreign policy in Cardiff

Dr Jürgen Haacke presented ongoing research on foreign policy entrepreneurs and US-Myanmar policy at a workshop entitled, 'Foreign Policy Analysis and Public Policy: towards theoretical dialogue and integration' at the 4th European Workshops in International Studies (EWIS) from 7-10 June in Cardiff. 


SEAC hosted a Staff Research Workshop

SEAC arranged a staff research workshop on 31 May. Similarly to our successful PhD workshop that took place in February, SEAC Associates and Visiting Fellows were invited to present their ongoing research papers or chapters to each other for cross-disciplinary feedback.


LSE SEAC organised its second LSE Southeast Asia Forum

The second LSE SEAF took place on Monday 22nd May 2017 and consisted of four expert panels plus a keynote lecture by H.E. Antonio Lagdameo, Ambassador of the Philippines to the UK. The full-day event was attended by resident embassy staff, policymakers, stakeholders in business and civil society, as well as researchers and students.


Dr Tim Andrews joins LSE SEAC as Visiting Senior Fellow

Dr Andrews, Associate Professor at Webster University (Thailand) has joined LSE SEAC as a Visiting Senior Fellow for Summer Term 2017. While at SEAC, Dr Andrews will be working on his research project titled Understanding Base-of-pyramid Organizational Employees in Emerging Southeast Asia: Theoretical Advances and Practical Implications for Organizations and Society.


LSE SEAC Associate, Dr Schulze publishes new article on conflict in Indonesia

Dr Kirsten Schulze, Associate Professor in International History at LSE and LSE SEAC Associate, has published an article on the ethnic elements of communal conflict in Ambon, Poso, and Sambas, Indonesia. The piece from the Journal for Ethnic and Racial Studies is available to read here


LSE SEAC hosts Prof Joseph Liow for a public lecture and seminar

On Monday 16th January, Professor Joseph Liow Chin Yong gave a talk based on his recently published book Religion and Nationalism in Southeast Asia (Cambridge University Press, 2016). The following morning, Prof Liow also participated in a closed research seminar with members of LSE SEAC and LSE PhD students.

The podcast of the public lecture is available here


Dr Chris Chaplin joins LSE SEAC as Visiting Fellow

Dr Chaplin, postdoctoral researcher at the Royal Netherlands Institute of Southeast Asian and Caribbean Studies (KITLV), has joined LSE SEAC as a Visiting Fellow for Lent Term 2017. While at the Centre, he will be working on his reserch project Salafism Reconsidered: Wahdah Islamiyah and the Promotion of Religiously Inspired Citizenship in Sulawesi, Indonesia.


Dr Schulze attended the Jakarta Geopolitical Forum

SEAC Associate Dr Kirsten E. Schulze presented a paper entitled 'Pathways to Jihad' at the Jakarta Geopolitical Forum, organised by Indonesia’s National Resilience Institute Lemhannas from 18-20 May. The Forum gave geopoliticans, professionals and academics the opportunity to explore the impact of geopolitical change on national and regional resilience.


Dr Yap spoke at the University of Leiden 

SEAC Associate Dr Felicia Yap presented at '"The Eurasian Question" in Comparative Perspective' at the University of Leiden on 12 April. The symposium focused on the bureaucratic and legal dimensions of decolonisation in Asia. Dr Yap's paper, 'At the Edge of Conflict and Empire', analysed the experiences of Eurasian communities in Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia during WW2.


LSESU ASEAN Society wins Bronze at the SU Awards

Building on their Best New Society Award at the 2016 SU & STARS Awards, the LSESU ASEAN society has been awarded a Bronze Award at this year's awards on 20 March for bringing together students from ASEAN countries in a friendly and homely environment. 


Dr Shin's field research in Singapore and Hanoi

SEAC Associate Dr Hyun Bang Shin carried out field research in Singapore and Hanoi between late March and early May. Supported by the LSE SEAC Research Fund, this research examined the circulations of real estate capital and urbanisms, looking at the practices of Singaporean and South Korean developers in Singapore and Vietnam.


Dr Jürgen Haacke attended the LSEAAS
Fund-Raising Gala Dinner in Singapore

SEAC Director Dr Jürgen Haacke attended a fund-raising gala dinner in support of the Singapore LSE Trust on March 31st, organised by the LSE Alumni Association of Singapore. The trust awards scholarships to outstanding Singaporean undergraduate students with a passion for social causes who need financial support to study at the LSE.


LSE SEAC Research Fund recipients are conducting fieldwork over Easter break

Several LSE SEAC Research Fund recipients are currently on research trips related to their projects. Dr Shamel Azmeh has conducted interviews with officials working on US trade policy towards Vietnam, while Dr Kirsten Schulze and Dr Hyun Bang Shin are working in Indonesia and Singapore respectively.


Dr Kirsten Schulze presented a paper at the Association of Asian Studies in Toronto

SEAC Associate Dr Kirsten Schulze presented a paper on ‘The Ambon Jihad’ as part of a panel on jihadism in Indonesia at the Association of Asian Studies conference in Toronto on 17 March. Dr Schulze is currently analysing the Ambon conflict between Muslims and Christians in Indonesia with support from the LSE SEAC Research Fund.


Dr Hyun Bang Shin facilitated the LSESU and KCL ASEAN Societies' Hackathon

SEAC Associate Dr Hyun Bang Shin facilitated a Hackathon for students to engage with critical and timely issues in Southeast Asia. Throughout the day on 4 March, LSE and KCL participants discussed geopolitical, social, and economic factors being used to reshape regional connectivity in Southeast Asia.


Dr Jürgen Haacke gave a lecture at Royal Holloway on ASEAN

Our Director Dr Jürgen Haacke spoke at Royal Holloway's Southeast Asian Society event on 13 March about the region's economic and political landscape. As the event marked ASEAN's 50th anniversary, Dr Haacke discussed what ASEAN has achieved since its establishment.


Dr Kirsten Schulze published a new article on ethnic conflicts within Indonesia

SEAC Associate Dr Kirsten Schulze's latest article in the Journal of Ethnic and Racial Studies compares the ethnic aspects of the communal violence in Ambon, Poso and Sambas in Indonesia. She discusses the impact and importance of global dynamics on local conflicts throughout Indonesian history. 


Dr Chris Chaplin's article on Islamic identity and symbology in Indonesia's latest elections

As Jakarta headed to the polls, our Visiting Fellow Dr Chris Chaplin argues in an article for the New Mandala that evoking Islamic identity and the opportunistic use of religious symbols in this election has set a dangerous precedent for Indonesia’s democracy.


Dr Chris Chaplin spoke at SOAS book launch event

Our Visiting Fellow Dr Chris Chaplin was a discussant at the launch of Dr Michael Buehler's book The Politics of Shari'a Law on Monday 20th February at the School for Oriental and African Studies (SOAS). He spoke alongside Dr Sidney Jones, Director at the Institute for Policy Analysis of Conflict in Jakarta, Indonesia. Dr Buehler and Dr Chaplin will speak at the upcoming SEAC panel discussion  on recent trends of Islamisation in Indonesia on Tuesday 14th of March at LSE.

BBC Indonesia's report of the event is available in Indonesian here.


Dr Chris Chaplin joins LSE SEAC as Visiting Fellow

Dr Chaplin, postdoctoral researcher at the Royal Netherlands Institute of Southeast Asian and Caribbean Studies (KITLV), has joined LSE SEAC as a Visiting Fellow for Lent Term 2017. He has recently completed six months of ethnographic fieldwork in Makassar, South Sulawesi and will be working on his research project titled Salafism Reconsidered: Wahdah Islamiyah and the Promotion of Religiously Inspired Citizenship in Sulawesi, Indonesia while at SEAC.


Read Dr Nick Long's chapter on democracy in Indonesia in his co-edited book 

If you are interested in political theory and democratic statecraft, read SEAC Associate, Dr Nick Long's chapter titled 'Why Indonesians Turn Against Democracy' in The State We're In: Reflecting on Democracy's Troubles, a book he edited with Joanna Cook and Henrietta L. Moore. Published in 2016, this book sets out an original theoretical model that explores the relations between democracy, subjectivity and sociality, and explains its relevance to different countries.




LSE SEAC welcomes three new Khattar Scholars

We are proud to welcome our three Khattar Scholars of the academic year 2016-2017 who, as recipients of the Khattar Scholarship, will be associated with LSE SEAC during their time at the LSE. The three scholars are Yunqian Agnes Chew (MSc Development Management, pictured), Lua Zheng Hao Darrell (MSc Finance and Private Equity) and Benjamin Tan Cheng Wei (MSc Management Science).


LSE SEAC Associate Hyun Band Shin at a talk about his book Planetary Gentrification

On 14th October, LSE SEAC Associate, Dr Hyun Bang Shin took part in the KOSMOS-Workshop “Universal Gentrification? Conceptional Challenges of Comparative Urbanism” at Humboldt University in Berlin where he introduced his recently published book Planetary Gentrification, co-edited with Professor Loretta Lees (University of Leicester) and Dr Ernesto López-Morales (University of Chile, Santiago).


Four LSE SEAC academics amongst recipients of the LSE's Excellence in Education Awards 

Dr Catherine Allerton (Anthropology), Dr Jürgen Haacke (International Relations), Dr Nick Long (Anthropology, pictured) and Dr Kirsten Schulze (International History) have received the LSE's inaugural Excellency in Education Awards for their outstanding teaching contribution and educational leadership in their departments.


Prof James Putzel wrote an article on the Duterte administration in the Philippines

The article titled 'Can Duterte "populism" bring lasting peace, development?' by LSE SEAC Associate, Professor James Putzel was recently published in the Philippine Daily Inquirer and reposted in the LSE International Development blog.


Dr Jürgen Haacke speaks at the Myanmar Institute of Strategic and International Studies

On 14 September, LSE SEAC Director, Dr Jürgen Haacke visited the Myanmar Institute of Strategic and International Studies and gave a talk titled ‘The Relations of ASEAN States with Major Powers: Converging Strategies?


Dr Jurgen Haacke appointed as LSE SEAC Director

On 1st August, Dr Jurgen Haacke was appointed as Director of the Saw Swee Hock Southeast Asia Centre, following Professor Danny Quah's move from the LSE to take up the position of Li Ka Shing Professor of Economics at the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy at NUS. 

Dr Haacke is Associate Professor in International Relations at the LSE, and was formerly an Associate of LSE SEAC. His regional expertise focuses in particular on the study of the security and international relations of Southeast Asia, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), and Myanmar.


Dr Trude Jacobsen joins LSE SEAC as Visiting Senior Fellow

Dr Trude Jacobsen has joined LSE SEAC as a Visiting Senior Fellow for the Michaelmas Term 2016. Dr Jacobsen is Associate Professor of Southeast Asian history at Northern Illinois University where she has also served as Assistant Director in the Center for Southeast Asian Studies. During her stay, she will participate in LSE SEAC activities as a speaker at upcoming seminars, including one on her second book, Sex Trafficking in Southeast Asia: A History of Desire, Duty, and Debt.


Stephen James join LSE SEAC as Visiting Research Student 

Stephen James, PhD candidate in Cultural Anthropology at University of California, Riverside has joined LSE SEAC as Visiting Research Student for the summer 2016 period. During his stay, Stephen will carry out a multi-sited, longitudinal study of the migration patterns and experiences of Vietnamese refugees through the Vietnam-Hong Kong-London route. His biography is available here.


LSE Southeast Asia Forum 2016

Organised by LSE SEAC, the LSE Southeast Asia Forum (LSE SEAF) is a one day exclusive event, taking place on Friday 13th May 2016. It is a unique opportunity to engage with Southeast Asia's most critical issues, network with renowned experts on the region and encourage student participation in high-level debates. The inaugural LSE SEAF has been organised with the generous support of Professor Saw Swee Hock who will be attending the event and presented with a commemorative award during the opening remarks by Professor Paul Kelly, Pro-Director of LSE.


LSE SEAC's one year anniversary on 28th January 2016

One year ago, on 28th January 2015, LSE SEAC was launched with a public lecture AEC 2015: A Perspective From Business by Dato' Sri Nazir Razak. Since then we have organised various different events, ranging from public panel discussions to postgraduate workshops, as well as our LSE SEAC Seminar Series. A comprehensive list of our events in 2015 can be found here.


The LSESU ASEAN Society win Best New Society award

The LSESU ASEAN Society has been awarded the Best New Society award in the LSESU STARS and SU Awards Ceremony 2016. The award recognises the best student groups, campaigns and individuals who have contributed to LSESU over the past year or since their start.


Dr Shin participates in Bangkok Edge Festival

LSE SEAC Associate, Dr Hyun Bang Shin will take part in the inaugural Bangkok Edge Festival, Bangkok’s first ideas festival, on 13th and 14th of February. At the festival, he will examine the issue of gentrification, his area of expertise, through two panel discussions: Gentrification: Who Benefits? and What is the ‘new Asia’?. Dr Shin will also launch his newest book, Planetary Gentrification (2016) at the festival.


LSE SEAC Associate Dr Hyun Bang Shin appointed to the Board of Urban Studies Foundation 

Congratulations to Dr Hyun Bang Shin, Associate Professor of Geography and Urban Studies at LSE, who has been appointed to the Board of Urban Studies Foundation (USF) as a Trustee in January 2016. USF is a charitable body established in 2008 aiming to advance postgraduate education and research in the field of urban studies. It also produces the journal Urban Studies.



Prof Saw image square

Professor Saw bestowed with the Distinguished Alumni Leadership Award 

Professor Saw Swee Hock, whose generous support made the establishment of LSE SEAC possible, was accepted the Distinguished Alumni Leadership Award from LSE Director, Professor Craig Calhounon 28th November 2015 at the LSE Asia Forum in Singapore. At the same event, panel discussions on the topics of Asian lessons of political openness and economic performance, ASEAN, and the meaning of genuine development also took place.


LSE SEAC Associate Dr Munir Majid chaired the ASEAN Business and Investment Summit in November 2015

Top world leaders – Obama, Abe and Modi – spoke at the ASEAN Business & Investment Summit (ABIS) chaired by Tan Sri Dr Munir Majid, Chairman of the ASEAN Business Advisory Council,  on 20th – 22nd November 2015. ABIS is ASEAN's premier annual Business and Investment event, providing a key platform for the business community to engage with ASEAN leaders and key decision makers, and to discussthe pressing issues which will affect the region's investment attractiveness and business potential.

Dr Jürgen Haacke-square

LSE SEAC Associate Dr Jurgen Haacke's report published

Dr Jurgen Haacke, Associate Professor in International Relations at LSE, authored a report titled Myanmar and the United States: Prospects for a Limited Security Partnership, published by the United States Studies Centre at the University of Sydney. In the report, he examines developments in Myanmar–US relations under President U Thein Sein and the Obama administration since 2011 and Myanmar's efforts to improve bilateral relations with a range of international and regional powers.


LSE Asia Forum in Singapore on 28th November

The LSE Asia Forum in Singapore, part of LSE's 120th anniversary celebrations, will be organised on Saturday 28th November, 9am - 5pm. Don't miss out on this great opportunity to reconnect with the School, other alumni and friends of LSE - check out the event programme and book your tickets here. Additionally, find out what happened at the previous LSE Asia Forum, which took place on 17th October 2015 in Hong Kong, through the Storify slideshow.


LSE SEAC Associate Sylvia Chant named a Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences

Congratulations to LSE SEAC Associate Professor Sylvia Chant from the LSE Department of Geography and Environment. She was among the 46 leading social scientists who were conferred the award of Fellow by the Academy of Social Sciences in October 2015. The Academy of Social Sciences is the national academy of academics, learned societies and practitioners in the social sciences. Its fellows are distinguished scholars and practitioners from academia and the public and private sectors, reviewed by a peer group as having contributed to social science more broadly than the normal demands of their job.


Will the 21st century be Asian?' debate with Professor Danny Quah

On 2nd November 2015, LSE SEAC Director Professor Danny Quah participated in a joint LSE SEAC - LSE IDEAS debate together with Professor Michael Cox and Dr Leslie Vinjamuri on whether the 21st century will be Asian. The event was chaired by LSE alum Tim Frost and the audience had a chance to ask questions via Twitter in addition to the regular Q&A.

The podcast and Storify slideshow are now available online.