An audience member holding a branded LSE SEAC conference pack

LSE Southeast Asia Forum

Meeting up with influential thinkers in a field of my interest was a great opportunity for me to ask questions and put a human face to the incisive argumentation and pages of publications carrying their names. This event was truly a gem.

Cheryl Shea Tham, Student in International Relations at LSE

Our flagship event, the annual LSE Southeast Asia Forum (SEAF) is a full-day conference that brings in leading Southeast Asia experts to engage with the region's most critical and pressing issues, as well as showcases the high-quality research on Southeast Asia conducted at LSE.

It offers a unique opportunity to inform and network with policymakers in government, resident embassy staff, and stakeholders in business and civil society. 

LSE Southeast Asia Forum 2017
- Monday 22nd May

Keynote Lecture – Southeast Asia in 2017: challenges and opportunities
Panel I – The ASEAN Economic Community: reality and myth
Panel II – ASEAN 50 Years and Regional Order
Taster session – Hypnotism and Javanese Magnetism
Panel III – Political Landscapes and Dynamics: Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand
Panel IV – Political Change and Foreign Policy: Myanmar, Vietnam and the Philippines

LSE Southeast Asia Forum 2016
- Friday 13th May

Morning Keynote Lecture
Panel I – ASEAN Security
Panel II – Religion in Southeast Asia
Panel III – ASEAN Horizons
Panel IV – Inclusion and Exclusion in Southeast Asia
Evening Keynote Lecture