Modelling Flood Risk and Community Resilience in Rayong Province, Thailand

One of the top ten countries most severely affected by extreme weather over the last 20 years, Thailand experiences the global climate emergency first-hand with its high propensity to flooding. As such, it needs solutions for itself that have international applicability.

A pioneering and expansive research partnership programme between Chulalongkorn University (a team of geographers led by Dr Pannee Cheewinsiriwat) and the University of Sussex (Dr John Barlow and Dr Yi Wang), London School of Economics and Political Science (Prof Hyun Bang Shin), and University of Bristol (Prof Jonathan Rigg) applied innovative methodology and world-leading practice to solve local and global challenges of flooding and climate change impact. Combining expertise in climate science, physical geography, social science and economics, the partnership team used high-resolution climate modelling to develop flood risk maps, research how government policies have shaped communities’ responses to flooding and how community knowledge and resilience can be applied to creating better flood management policies for the government and private sector in Thailand. This unique collaboration of exceptional people from different disciplines demonstrates the impact of the Thai - UK World Class University Consortium to managing the effects of climate change and to make a tangible difference to the lives of people and their communities.

In addition to pilot research, postgraduate researchers from Chulalongkorn University joined the project. It will establish a stronger teaching and learning environment and position Chulalongkorn as a world-class centre of geography and climate science research and education. The project empowers knowledge exchange, with UK partners able to learn more about hydrological modelling and flood management policy in Thailand.  Completed in 2023, this project offers sustainable benefits for both countries. It is creating a platform for shared understanding to enable future collaborative joint research, teaching and exchange projects between Thailand, the UK and regional partners in South East Asia, where climate change and its effects, such as flooding, are of paramount concern.


Project period: 1 Feb 2022 - 31 Jan 2023

Project team:  Dr Pannee Cheewinsiriwat and team (Chulalongkorn University), Dr John Barlow and Dr Yi Wang (University of Sussex), Prof Hyun Bang Shin (SEAC, London School of Economics and Political Science), and Prof Jonathan Rigg (University of Bristol).

Funding: Thai-UK World-class University Consortium, British Council

Expected outputs

  • One joint pilot research project with 7 trained-Thai researchers
  • One research proposal based on the pilot research project ready for research grant application
  • Co-publication of outputs from the catalyst grant. 

 Thailand Research 1

Thailand Research 2