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LSE Southeast Asia Week

Meeting up with influential thinkers in a field of my interest was a great opportunity for me to ask questions and put a human face to the incisive argumentation and pages of publications carrying their names. This event was truly a gem!

Cheryl Shea Tham, International Relations student at LSE

Our flagship event, the annual LSE Southeast Asia Forum (SEAF) is a full-day conference that brings together leading Southeast Asia experts to engage with some of the region's most critical and pressing issues, as well as showcases the high-quality research on Southeast Asia conducted at LSE.

In 2020, in light of COVID-19 pandemic, SEAF was held as a week-long series of online discussions titled LSE Southeast Asia Week. The events offered a unique opportunity to learn from cutting-edge research and gain insight from experts working in and on Southeast Asia. 

LSE Southeast Asia Week 2020  – 26th to 30th October

26th October (Monday), 12PM - 1:30PM (GMT)
Politics and Economics of COVID-19 in Southeast Asia
Chaired by Prof Hyun Bang Shin (LSE SEAC; LSE Geography & Environment)

⦁ Natalie Black CBE (Her Majesty’s Trade Commissioner for Asia Pacific, UK Government)
⦁ Prof John Sidel (Sir Patrick Gillam Chair in International and Comparative Politics, LSE Department of Government)
⦁ Prof Lutfey Siddiqi (Visiting Professor in Practice, LSE IDEAS)
Dr Adrian Paul Rabe (Managing Director, Global Health Focus)

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27th October (Tuesday), 12PM - 1:30PM (GMT)
Migration and Mobility in the COVID-19 Era
Chaired by Prof Hyun Bang Shin (LSE SEAC; LSE Geography & Environment)

⦁ Dr Sin Yee Koh (Senior Lecturer in Global Studies, Monash University Malaysia; LSE SEAC)
⦁ Dr Yasmin Ortiga (Assistant Professor of Sociology, Singapore Management University)
⦁ Prof Johanna Waters (Professor of Human Geography and Migration Studies, UCL)

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27th October (Tuesday), 3PM - 4:30PM (GMT)
ASEAS UK-SEAC Panels on ECR and Southeast Asia Research
Co-Chaired by Prof Hyun Bang Shin (LSE SEAC; LSE Geography & Environment) and Dr Deirdre McKay (ASEAS UK; Keele University)

⦁ Thanapat Chatinakrob (PhD candidate at the Manchester International Law Centre, University of Manchester)
⦁ Dr Benjamin Ho (Assistant Professor at the China Programme, RSIS, Nanyang Technological University)
⦁ Jessica Rahardjo (DPhil student at the Faculty of History, University of Oxford)
⦁ Dr Charlie Rumsby (Research fellow at the Centre for Trust, Peace and Social Relations, Coventry University)

28th October (Wednesday), 12PM - 1:30PM (GMT)
Whither Southeast Asia Research?: Roundtable with Centre Directors (in collaboration with ASEAS UK)
Chaired by Prof Hyun Bang Shin (LSE SEAC; LSE Geography & Environment)

⦁ Prof Tim Bunnell (Asia Research Institute, National University of Singapore)
⦁ Prof Michele Ford (Sydney Southeast Asia Centre, University of Sydney)
⦁ Prof Duncan McCargo (Nordic Institute of Asian Studies, University of Copenhagen)
⦁ Prof Marina Svensson (Centre for East and South-East Asian Studies, Lund University)
⦁ Prof Mark Thompson (Southeast Asia Research Centre, City University of Hong Kong)

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29th October (Thursday), 12PM - 1:30PM (GMT) 
Politics of City-Making in Southeast Asia
Chaired by Prof Hyun Bang Shin (LSE SEAC; LSE Geography & Environment)

⦁ Dr Wanjing Kelly Chen (Research Assistant Professor, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)
⦁ Dr Ofita Purwani (Associate Professor at the School of Architecture, Universitas Sebelas Maret, Indonesia)
⦁ Dr Kristian Saguin (Associate Professor at the Department of Geography, University of the Philippines Diliman)
⦁ Dr Yimin Zhao (Assistant Professor in Urban Planning and Management, Remin University of China)

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30th October (Friday), 12PM - 1:30PM (GMT)
Environmental Resilience and Southeast Asia
Chaired by Dr Thomas Smith (LSE Geography & Environment; LSE SEAC)

⦁ Dr Winston Chow (Associate Professor of Science, Technology and Society, School of Social Sciences, Singapore Management University)
⦁ Dr Helena Varkkey (Senior Lecturer, Department of International and Strategic Studies, University of Malaya)
⦁ Dr Rory Padfield (Lecturer in Sustainability and Business, School of Earth and Environment, University of Leeds)
⦁ Dr Michelle Miller (Senior Research Fellow, Asia Research Institute, National University of Singapore)

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Previous Years’ Forums

LSE Southeast Asia Forum 2019 - Tuesday 29th October

Keynote Lecture: Partnership and Sustainability for Thailand and ASEAN for the Future
Panel I - SEAC #urbanisation theme: Smart Cities in Southeast Asia 
Panel II - SEAC #connectivity theme: The impact of the Belt and Road Initiative on infrastructure and politics in Southeast Asia                          
Panel III -  SEAC #governance theme: Electoral politics in Southeast Asia from a grassroots perspective

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LSE Southeast Asia Forum 2018 - Monday 21st May

Keynote Lecture: ASEAN in a Contested World: Singapore's 2018 chairmanship priorities
Panel I – The Great Powers' Economic Engagement of Southeast Asia
Panel II – Economic Challenges and Risks in Southeast Asia
Panel III – Leadership and Political Futures
Panel IV – Myanmar: challenges and risks

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LSE Southeast Asia Forum 2017 - Monday 22nd May

Keynote Lecture: Southeast Asia in 2017: challenges and opportunities
Panel I – The ASEAN Economic Community: reality and myth
Panel II – ASEAN 50 Years and Regional Order
Taster session – Hypnotism and Javanese Magnetism
Panel III – Political Landscapes and Dynamics: Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand
Panel IV – Political Change and Foreign Policy: Myanmar, Vietnam and the Philippines

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LSE Southeast Asia Forum 2016 - Friday 13th May

Morning Keynote Lecture
Panel I – ASEAN Security
Panel II – Religion in Southeast Asia
Panel III – ASEAN Horizons
Panel IV – Inclusion and Exclusion in Southeast Asia
Evening Keynote Lecture

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