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LSE Southeast Asia Forum

Meeting up with influential thinkers in a field of my interest was a great opportunity for me to ask questions and put a human face to the incisive argumentation and pages of publications carrying their names. This event was truly a gem!

Cheryl Shea Tham, International Relations student at LSE

Our flagship event, the annual LSE Southeast Asia Forum (SEAF) is a full-day conference that brings together leading Southeast Asia experts to engage with some of the region's most critical and pressing issues, as well as showcases the high-quality research on Southeast Asia conducted at LSE.

In 2021, as with the previous year, in light of continued issues related to the COVID-19 pandemic, SEAF will be held as a week-long series of online discussions titled LSE Southeast Asia Week. The events offer a unique opportunity to learn from cutting-edge research and gain insight from experts working in and on Southeast Asia. 


LSE Southeast Asia Week 2021  – 25th to 29th October


25th October (Monday), 12pm - 1:30pm (GMT)

Environment and Politics in Southeast Asia: Presentations by the awardees of the SEAC Research Fund

This SEAF event showcases two presentations from awardees of the SEAC Research Fund, who will be discussing some preliminary findings regarding a) the emerging social construction of the 'haze season' in Singapore and b) professional intermediaries as the accomplices of kleptocratic elites. More information on the Research Fund scheme can be found here.

Speakers: Dr. Tom Smith (Department of Geography and Environment, LSE, SEAC Asociate), Felicia Liu (Research Fellow, University of Oxford), Dr. Omar Mcdoom (Department of Government, LSE)

Chair: Prof. Hyun Bang Shin (Director, LSE SEAC)


26th October (Tuesday), 12pm - 1:30pm (GMT)

Roundtable: Comparative Urbanism for Southeast Asia 

As part of the Southeast Asia Forum, SEAC is hosting a roundtable discussion which features emerging scholars whose work engages with urbanising sites across Southeast Asia and beyond.

Speakers: Dr. Emma Colven (Oklahoma University, SEAC Visiting Fellow), Dr. Junjia Ye (Nanyang Technological University, SEAC Visiting Fellow), Dr. Shaun Sheng Kiat Teo (National University of Singapore), Dr. Jeremie Molho (Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies)

Chair: Prof. Hyun Bang Shin (Director, LSE SEAC)


27th October (Wednesday), 11:00 - 12:30pm

The Role of Philanthropy in a New Social Contract

This Southeast Asia Forum event reflects on the impact of the late Professor Saw’s philanthropy at LSE.

Speakers: Prof. Stephan Chambers (Director, Marshall Institute), Tharman Shanmugaratnam, Prof. Hyun Bang Shin (Director SEAC), Patricia Yeo

Chair: Baroness Shafik (Director, LSE)


28th October (Thursday), 12:00pm - 1:30pm 

Work and Life in the COVID-19 Era: (Preliminary) findings from the SEAC Undergraduate Research Fellowship Projects

In this Southeast Asia Forum event, project leaders and associated (undergraduate) research fellows present their (preliminary) findings about work, life and migration in the COVID-19 era.

Speakers: Dr. Sin Yee Koh (Monash University, SEAC Associate), Jimin Oh (LSE SEAC Undergraduate Research Fellow), Prof. Katherine Brickell (RHUL, SEAC Associate), Nirmala Arath Prabhakar (Monash University), Angbeen Abbas (LSE SEAC Undergraduate Research Fellow)

Chair: Prof. Hyun Bang Shin (Director, LSE SEAC)


29th October (Friday), 12:00pm - 1:30pm 

Society and Economy in Southeast Asia: Presentations by LSE PhD researchers

This Southeast Asia Forum event showcases some of the on-going work of PhD researchers at LSE, whose work covers society and economy in Southeast Asia.

Speakers: Meghan Rose Donnelly (LSE Anthropology), Juan Jose Rivas Moreno (LSE Economic History), Yorga Permana (LSE Geography and Environment)

Chair: Prof. Hyun Bang Shin (Director, LSE SEAC)


Previous Years’ Forums


LSE Southeast Asia Forum 2020

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LSE Southeast Asia Forum 2019 - Tuesday 29th October

Keynote Lecture: Partnership and Sustainability for Thailand and ASEAN for the Future
Panel I - SEAC #urbanisation theme: Smart Cities in Southeast Asia 
Panel II - SEAC #connectivity theme: The impact of the Belt and Road Initiative on infrastructure and politics in Southeast Asia                          
Panel III -  SEAC #governance theme: Electoral politics in Southeast Asia from a grassroots perspective

Summary, programme and link to ticket registration for the 2019 Forum

LSE Southeast Asia Forum 2018 - Monday 21st May

Keynote Lecture: ASEAN in a Contested World: Singapore's 2018 chairmanship priorities
Panel I – The Great Powers' Economic Engagement of Southeast Asia
Panel II – Economic Challenges and Risks in Southeast Asia
Panel III – Leadership and Political Futures
Panel IV – Myanmar: challenges and risks

Summary, programme and podcasts of the 2018 Forum

LSE Southeast Asia Forum 2017 - Monday 22nd May

Keynote Lecture: Southeast Asia in 2017: challenges and opportunities
Panel I – The ASEAN Economic Community: reality and myth
Panel II – ASEAN 50 Years and Regional Order
Taster session – Hypnotism and Javanese Magnetism
Panel III – Political Landscapes and Dynamics: Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand
Panel IV – Political Change and Foreign Policy: Myanmar, Vietnam and the Philippines

Summary, programme and podcasts of the 2017 Forum

LSE Southeast Asia Forum 2016 - Friday 13th May

Morning Keynote Lecture
Panel I – ASEAN Security
Panel II – Religion in Southeast Asia
Panel III – ASEAN Horizons
Panel IV – Inclusion and Exclusion in Southeast Asia
Evening Keynote Lecture

Summary, programme and podcasts of the 2016 Forum