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On this page you will find a selection of recent publications by SEAC Associates as well as the full library of SEAC Event Podcasts.


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Selected recent books by SEAC Associates

2020 / forthcoming

Shin, H.B. and Gimm, D-W. (eds.) The Political Economy of Mega Projects in Asia: Globalization and Urban Transformation. Regions and Cities Series. Routledge (under contract)

Shin. H.B. Making China Urban: Geographical Aspects of Development and Disparity. Routledge (under contract)

Sidel, J. Republicanism, Communism, Islam: Cosmopolitan Origins of Revolution in Southeast Asia (Cornell University Press, forthcoming).

Smith, T. & Schulze, K. (eds) Exporting the Global Jihad: ‘Critical’ Perspectives from the PeripheryVolume Two - Asia and North America (London: IB Tauris, 2020, forthcoming).


Chen, Y.L. & Shin. H.B., 2019. Neoliberal urbanism, contested cities and housing in Asia. Palgrave Macmillan.

Rigg, J., 2019. More Than Rural: Textures of Thailand's Agrarian Transformation. University of Hawaii Press.

Sidel, J. & Faustino, J. Thinking and Working Politically in Development: Coalitions for Change in the Philippines (The Asia Foundation, 2019, in press). 


Ortiz, C. & Lipietz, B. (2018) (eds.) Grounded Development: reflections on community based practices in Sri Lanka and Myanmar. The Bartlett Development Planning Unit, University College London, Asian Coalition of Housing Rights and Community Architects Network.


Brickell, K., Arrigoitia, M.F. and Vasudevan, A., 2017. Geographies of forced eviction: Dispossession, violence, resistance. Palgrave Macmillan, London.

Koh, S.Y. 2017. Property Tourism and the Facilitation of Investment-Migration Mobility in Asia. Asian Review30(1)

Koh, S.Y., 2017. Race, education, and citizenship: Mobile Malaysians, British colonial legacies, and a culture of migration. Springer.

Ortiz, C. & Lipietz, B.  2017 (eds.) Grounded Planning: People-centred strategies for city upgrading in Thailand and the Philippines. The Bartlett Development Planning Unit, University College London, Asian Coalition of Housing Rights and Community Architects Network


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Chant, S. and McIlwaine, C., 2016. Cities, Slums and Gender in the Global South: Towards a Feminised Urban Future. Routledge: London

 Lees, L., Shin, H.B. & López-Morales, E. 2016. Planetary Gentrification. Cambridge, Polity Press.

McKay, D.C., 2016. An archipelago of care: Filipino migrants and global networks. Indiana University Press.

Rigg, J., 2016. Challenging development in Southeast Asia: the shadows of success, London: Routledge, 250 pp


Lees, L., Shin, H.B. & López-Morales, E. (eds.) (2015) Global Gentrifications: Uneven Development and Displacement. Bristol: Policy Press 

Selected recent research articles by SEAC Associates

2020 / forthcoming

Koh, S.Y., 2020 Disrupted Geographic Arbitrage and Differential Capacities of Coping in Later-Life: Anglo-Western Teacher Expatriates in Brunei, International Migration Review 

Koh, S. Y., Harris, A., 2020 Multicultural reflexivity: university students negotiating ‘pockets’ and ‘strings’ of multiculturalism in MalaysiaChildren's Geographies

Ong, A. and Steinmüller, H., 2020 Communities of care: public donations, development assistance, and independent philanthropy in the Wa State of MyanmarCritique of Anthropology

Shin, H. B., Zhao, Y., and Koh, S. Y., 2020 Whither progressive urban futures? Critical reflections on the politics of temporality in AsiaCity

Steinmüller, H. , 2020 The moral economy of militarism: peasant economy, military state, and Chinese capitalism in the Wa State of MyanmarSocial Anthropology, 28 (1)



Bateman, M., Natarajan, N., Brickell, K., and Parsons, L., 2019 ‘Descending into Debt in Cambodia’. Made in China Journal. 4(1)

Brearley, F.Q., Adinugroho, W.C., Cámara-Leret, R., Krisnawati, H., Ledo, A., Qie, L., Smith, T.E., Aini, F., Garnier, F., Lestari, N.S. and Mansur, M., 2019. Opportunities and challenges for an Indonesian forest monitoring networkAnnals of Forest Science

Cole, R. and Rigg, J., 2019. Lao peasants on the move: Pathways of agrarian change in LaosThe Australian Journal of Anthropology.

Forsyth, T., 2019. Who Shapes the Politics of Expertise? Co‐Production and Authoritative Knowledge in Thailand's Political ForestsAntipode.

Forsyth, T., 2019. Beyond narratives: Civic epistemologies and the coproduction of environmental knowledge and popular environmentalism in ThailandAnnals of the American Association of Geographers109(2)

Graham, N. and Brickell, K., 2019. Sheltering from domestic violence: Women’s experiences of punitive safety and unfreedom in Cambodian safe sheltersGender, Place & Culture.

Haacke, J. & Breen, J. H., 2019 From benign neglect to effective re-engagement? Assessing British strategizing and policies towards Southeast Asia since 2010 (Contemporary Southeast Asia Vol. 41/3 (December 2019) 

Haacke, J. 2019. The concept of hedging and its application to Southeast Asia: a critique and a proposal for a modified conceptual and methodological frameworkInternational Relations of the Asia-Pacific.

Huat, C.B., Dean, K., Engseng, H., Chong, H.K., Rigg, J. and Yeoh, B., 2019. Area Studies and the crisis of legitimacy: a view from South East Asia. South East Asia Research27(1).

McCargo, D., 2019. Southeast Asia's Troubling Elections: Democratic Demolition in ThailandJournal of Democracy30(4).

McCargo, D., 2019. Anatomy: Future BackwardContemporary Southeast Asia: A Journal of International and Strategic Affairs41(2).

McKay, D. and Perez, P., 2019. Citizen aid, social media and brokerage after disasterThird World Quarterly40(10).

Natarajan, N., Parsons, L. and Brickell, K., 2019. Debt‐Bonded Brick Kiln Workers and Their Intent to Return: Towards a Labour Geography of Smallholder Farming Persistence in CambodiaAntipode.

Natarajan, N., Brickell, K. and Parsons, L., 2019. Climate change adaptation and precarity across the rural–urban divide in Cambodia: Towards a ‘climate precarity’approachEnvironment and Planning E: Nature and Space.

Schulze, K.E. and Hwang, J.C., 2019. Militant Islam in Southeast Asia: new insights into jihad in Indonesia, Malaysia and the PhilippinesContemporary Southeast Asia: A Journal of International and Strategic Affairs41(1).

Schulze, K.E., 2019. From Ambon to Poso: comparative and evolutionary aspects of local jihad in IndonesiaContemporary Southeast Asia: A Journal of International and Strategic Affairs41(1).

Schulze, K.E. and Liow, J.C., 2019. Making Jihadis, Waging Jihad: Transnational and Local Dimensions of the ISIS Phenomenon in Indonesia and MalaysiaAsian Security15(2).

Steinmüller, H., 2019. Conscription by capture in the Wa State of Myanmar: acquaintances, anonymity, patronage, and the rejection of mutualityComparative Studies in Society and History61(3).


Allerton, C., 2018. Stuck in the short term: immobility and temporalities of care among Florenese migrants in Sabah, MalaysiaEthnos.

Allerton, C., 2018. Impossible children: illegality and excluded belonging among children of migrants in Sabah, East MalaysiaJournal of Ethnic and Migration Studies44(7).

Long, N.J., 2018. Suggestions of Power: Searching for Efficacy in Indonesia's Hypnosis BoomEthos46(1).

Long, N.J., 2018. “Accept and utilize”: alternative medicine, minimality, and ethics in an Indonesian healing collectiveMedical anthropology quarterly.

Rigg, J., Salamanca, A., Phongsiri, M. and Sripun, M., 2018. More farmers, less farming? Understanding the truncated agrarian transition in ThailandWorld development107.

Rigg, J., 2018. Rethinking Asian poverty in a time of Asian prosperityAsia Pacific Viewpoint59(2).

Rigg, J., 2018. From Traction to Friction in Thailand: The Emerging Southeast Asian Development ProblematiqueTRaNS: Trans-Regional and-National Studies of Southeast Asia6(1).

Schulze, K. and Hwang, J.C. 2018. Why they join: Pathways into Indonesian jihadi organizations, Terrorism and Political Violence, 30 (6)  

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Koh, S.Y., 2015. Temporalities of citizenship: Malaysian-Chinese skilled migrants in Singapore and returnees to MalaysiaAsian and Pacific Migration Journal24(1).

Koh, S.Y., 2015. How and why race matters: Malaysian-Chinese transnational migrants interpreting and practising Bumiputera-differentiated citizenshipJournal of Ethnic and Migration Studies41(3).

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Rigg, J., Nguyen, T.A. and Luong, T.T.H., 2014. The texture of livelihoods: Migration and making a living in HanoiJournal of Development Studies50(3).

Selected recent book chapters by SEAC Associates

2020 / forthcoming

Schulze, K. and Hwang, J.C. ‘From Afghanistan to Syria: How the global remains local for Indonesian Islamist Militants’  in Tom Smith and Kirsten E. Schulze (eds), Exporting the Global Jihad: ‘Critical’ Perspectives from the Periphery, (London: IB Tauris, forthcoming 2020)


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Chen, Y.-L. and Shin, H.B. (2019) Centering Housing Questions in Asian Cities. In:  Chen, Y.-L. and Shin, H.B. (eds.) Neoliberal urbanism, contested cities and housing in Asia. Palgrave Macmillan.


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Haacke, J., 2014. US-Myanmar relations: developments, challenges, and implications. In: Steinberg, David I., (ed.) Myanmar: The Dynamics of an Evolving Polity. Lynne Rienner Publishers, Boulder, USA.

Podcasts of past SEAC events

Public Lecture: Diminishing Globalisation, Rising Digitalisation: Central Bank Policy Responses (P)
10th February 2020

Public Lecture: Less Poverty, More Precarity: Squaring the Circle of Southeast Asian Development (P)
30th January 2020

Southeast Asia Discussion Series: Enclave Urbanism and Transnational Zones in Southeast Asia (P)
28th January 2020

Public Lecture: Who is the Middle Class, and what are they up to? Reflections from Jakarta (P)

28th November 2019

Algorithmic Enclaves: Social Media and Politics in Southeast Asia (P)
7th November 2019

Southeast Asia Discussion Series: Land sharing experiences in Thailand and Cambodia: What lessons for land and housing policy for the urban poor? (P)
17th October 2019

South-South itineraries: alternative routes for mutual learning between Latin America and Southeast Asia (P)
1st October 2019 

Automation and the Future of Work in Southeast Asia (P) 
30th May 2018 

Unlocking Poverty Traps: what could 'Graduation Packages' change for Vietnam's ethnic minorities and Cambodia's ultra-poor? (P) 
20th March 2018 

Circulations of Urbanism and Real Estate Capital: the case of Korean and Singaporean developers in Vietnam (P) 
20th February 2018 

Red North, Blue North, Yellow North, Whose North? Contesting Thai Nationalism in Shinawatra Country (P)
6th February 2018

Was the ISIS Threat in Southeast Asia Overblown? (P)
17th January 2018

Disavowing Liberalism: the political legitimacy and longevity of the People's Action Party in Singapore (P)
5th December 2017

Bringing Institutions Back In: ASEAN's institutional logics and effects at a time of great power transition (P)
20th November 2017

Indonesia in ASEAN: reconciliation, active engagement and strategic reassessment (P)
17th October 2017

Armed Groups, State and Society in Myanmar (P)
13th October 2017 

Civil Society and Shrinking Political Space: the future of human rights in Southeast Asia (P)
3rd May 2017

Sharing Sovereignty: peacebuilding and the UN's joint ventures in Timor-Leste and Cambodia (P)
25th April 2017 

Is Regionalism Passé? Infrastructure for Integrating South and Southeast Asia (P)
22nd March 2017

Myanmar's NLD-led Government: one year on (P)
21st March 2017 

Islamisation Through Democratisation? Deciphering Calls for Islamic Law in Contemporary Indonesia (P)
14th March 2017

Vietnamese Trajectories: negotiating refuge and belonging through forced migrations (P)
26th January 2017

Religion and Nationalism in Southeast Asia: conflict and contestation in the conception of nationhood (P)
16th January 2017

Who Developed Vietnam? The Role of International Donors (P)
30th November 2016

Sex Trafficking in Southeast Asia: the context of desire, duty, and debt (P)
23rd November 2016

Duterte's Bloody Democracy in the Philippines (P)
25th October 2016 

South China Sea: salient aspects of the arbitration between the Philippines and China (P)
12th October 2016

LSE Southeast Asia Forum 2016 (P)
13th May 2016

Rebranding ASEAN as a New Global Player (P)
27th April 2016

How Did Aung San Suu Kyi Win So Big? (P)
25th April 2016

Borneo Burning: Deforestation, El Nino, Reforestation (P)
3rd February 

Australia's role in Indonesian independence - liberal internationalism in action, or the realpolitik of regional security? (P)
20th January 

The Material Culture of Japanese-Held Captives in WWII British Asia (P)
13th January 

ISIS in Southeast Asia: The Apocalypse, Just War and Pragmatic Jihad (P)
7th December 2015

Trading Places? Muslim modernists and traditionalists in Indonesia since the Reformasi (P)
2nd December 2015

Myanmar on the Brink (P)
5th October 2015

Dealing with China (P)
11th May 2015

Rebellion and Foundation: Southeast Asia, the UK, and 50 years of development (P)
28th February 2015 

Hong Kong: the struggle at the end of history (P)
10th February 2015 

AEC 2015: A Perspective From Business (P)
28th January 2015