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SEAC generates and supports research and policy relevant discussion on Southeast Asia. It does so by bringing together researchers in cross-disciplinary analysis of the region and providing academics with specialist resources, networks and funding opportunities. 

Thank you [to the Centre] for existing. I hope that everything you do reverses the rather sad decline of Southeast Asia studies in the UK recently, and anything we can all do together to re-establish Southeast Asia as a place which is different from East Asia and South Asia, the better. Please keep up the great work.

Bill Hayton, Associate Fellow, Chatham House Asia Programme

Research Projects 

LSE SEAC is currently conducting the following research projects:

  • A study on UK-Southeast Asia Relations
  • A study of the foreign policy aspects of Myanmar in Transition. This project is pursued in collaboration with the LSE Global South Unit as part of its Myanmar Programme.

LSE SEAC Research Fund

The LSE SEAC Research Fund is a biennial grant available to LSE faculty and SEAC Associates to fill a gap in the available support for social science research on issues relevant to Southeast Asia. 

Research Events  

LSE SEAC organises a variety of private events that seek to support students and academic staff that specialise in Southeast Asia, work with regional specialists from outside LSE, and increase the research output of the centre.

Visiting Appointments Scheme

LSE SEAC welcomes applications for our Visiting Appointments Scheme from individuals from outside LSE who wish to conduct research in London and draw on the expertise of SEAC.