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What's on

The South Asia Centre hosts a variety of events as part of LSE’s engagement with the region. Our events normally run in Term-time, from September to June. All events in 2020-21 are online.  



A series of lectures curated especially for UK civil servants & personnel to mark South Asia Heritage Month, in collaboration with the Department for Transport, UK.

Friday, 23 July | 3pm UK 

Christian Wolmar (@christianwolmar), Britain's bestselling transport historian and author of Railways and the Raj: How the Age of Steam Transformed India (2017), will speak on Britain's role and influence on India's now-vast railway network and system.   

Friday, 30 July | 3pm UK 

Edward Anderson (@edanderson101) is Lecturer in History at Northumbria University, and is a specialist in colonial/modern Indian history. Ed will speak on the partition of the Indian subcontinent in 1947. 

Friday, 6 August | 3pm UK 

Maher Anjum (@MaherAnjum50) is a London-based British-Bangladeshi consultant with expertise in building cross-cultural strategic relationships currently pursuing a Ph.D. at Queen Mary University of London, and will speak on the independence of Bangladesh (then East Pakistan, from West Pakistan) in 1971, and the influence & contribution of the Bengali diaspora in Britain.

These lectures are closed to the public, and are being organised in collaboration with the Department for Transport, UK.