On 29 September, this two-day interdisciplinary workshop will bring together philosophers, economists, and scholars from neighbouring disciplines to discuss issues ranging from new approaches to rational choice theory at one end of the spectrum to contributions concerning the metaphysics of intentionality and agency at the other.

The workshop falls under the umbrella of Christian List’s Leverhulme project, but the topic is broadly construed.


Day 1: Friday 29 September

9:30–9:45 Christian List (LSE): Introduction LAK.206
9:45–10:45 Kate Vredenburgh (Harvard): “Rational Choice Explanation” LAK.206
11:00–12:00 Francesco Guala (Milan): “Preferences: Neither Behavioral nor Mental” LAK.206
12:15–13:15 Franz Dietrich (CNRS & PSE): “Reason-based choice: An overview and progress report” LAK.206
14:30–15:30 Lisa Bortolotti (Birmingham): “Choice Blindness and the Fluidity of the Self” LAK.206
15:45–16:45 Kristina Musholt (Leipzig): “Entering the space of reasons. The role of education for the development of rationality” LAK.206
17:00–18:00 Erik Hoel (Columbia): “Some things can’t be reduced: Agents and their causal structure” LAK.206
18:00–19:00 Hilary Greaves (Oxford): “The parliamentary model of moral uncertainty” LAK.206


Day 2: Saturday 30 September

9:30–10:30 Christian List (LSE): “Beyond consequentialization: A choice-theoretic representation of moral theories” LAK.206
10:45–11:45 Paola Manzini (St Andrews) & Marco Mariotti (QMUL): “Identification of welfare and bounded rationality” LAK.206
12:00–13:00 Robert Sugden (UEA): “The theoretical impossibility of a Paretian liberal and the empirical impossibility of behavioural welfare economics” LAK.206
14:15–15:15 Katya Tentori (Trento): “Which forecasting model is the most descriptively accurate?” LAK.206
15:30–16:30 Thomas Müller (Konstanz): “On the role of indeterminism for the metaphysics of agency” LAK.206
16:45–17:45 Richard Bradley (LSE): “Pareto, Inequality and Uncertainty” LAK.206
17:45–18:45 Marcus Pivato (Cergy-Pontoise): “Autonomy and metapreferences” LAK.206



All talks take place at LSE in room 2.06 of the Lakatos Building (LAK). For further help finding your way, see the LSE Maps and Directions website, or the Lakatos building special needs access guide via DisabledGo.

Registration is not required, but admission will be subject to space constraints in the workshop room.


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Financial support from the Leverhulme Trust is gratefully acknowledged.


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