The 8th annual LSE-Bayreuth Student Philosophy Conference will take place 7-8 May 2021 online via Zoom, hosted by the University of Bayreuth.

The annual LSE-Bayreuth Student Philosophy Conference gives the opportunity for students from LSE and the University of Bayreuth to present their work in a friendly and supportive environment, and to receive commentary on their papers from LSE and Bayreuth academics.


Please note that all times stated are in Central European Summer Time (CEST), which is one hour ahead of the current UK time.

Day 1: Friday 7 May

10:00 Introductory words
10:15 Hallamund Meena (LSE): “In Defence of Manipulationism – Manipulationist Explanation in the Social Sciences”

Commentary: Kate Vredenburgh (LSE)

11:00 Jakob Ortmann (Bayreuth): “Theory Roulette: Choosing that Climate Change is not a Tragedy of the Commons”

Commentary: Carlos Núñez (Bayreuth)

11:45 Break
12:15 Alicia Tahmaseb Eghbali (Bayreuth): “Marx Revised: The Exploitation of Women”

Commentary: Ewa Wyrębska-Dermanović (Bayreuth)

13:00 Sarah Quinn (LSE): “Are all plausible versions of the precautionary principle trivial?”

Commentary: Jonathan Birch (LSE)

15:00 Invited lecture – Patricia Rich (Bayreuth): “Hidden Costs of Epistemic Conformity: Lessons from Information Cascade Simulations”
16:15 Break
16:30 Anna Bruvere (LSE): “Is Parker (2014) successful in challenging Winsberg’s (2012) argument that model-based assignments of probability to hypotheses about climate predictions are inevitably impacted by social values?”

Commentary: Roman Frigg (LSE)

17:15 Johanna Barop (Bayreuth): “Generalising Hotelling’s Law”

Commentary: Patricia Rich (Bayreuth)


Day 2: Saturday 8 May

10:00 Invited lecture – Laurenz Hudetz (LSE): “When are counterfactuals about algorithmic decisions true?”
11:15 Break
11:45 Joshua Lim (LSE): “A defence of rights as side-constraints against the irrationality and saveability objections”

Commentary: Campbell Brown (LSE)

12:30 Jonathan Michel (Bayreuth): “Meat, Men and Masculinity”

Commentary: Olivier Roy (Bayreuth)

13:15 Closing words



This event will take place online via Zoom.

University of Bayreuth and LSE students/faculty are welcome to join using a computer with access to the internet and Zoom. To take part just follow these instructions:




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