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Centre for Philosophy of Natural and Social Science

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Email: philcent@lse.ac.uk|

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Please visit our calendar to see all events organised at the Centre for Philosophy of Natural and Social Science. We are looking forward to welcoming you. 

Calendar of All Events|

For current events, see below. 


Lena Zuchowski (Cambridge) tba
28/04/2014: 5:15 PM. Sigma Club

Making Fair Choices on the Path to Universal Health Coverage
01/05/2014: 5:00 PM. Choice Group

On the Unreasonable Effectiveness of Mathematics in Science: Steven French, Eleanor Knox and Mairi Sakellariadou
01/05/2014: 6:30 PM. Forum for European Philosophy

Geoff Brennan (UNC &Duke, Philosophy & Political Science): tba
07/05/2014: 5:30 PM. Choice Group

J. Brian Pitt (Cambridge): tba
12/05/2014: 5:15 PM. Sigma Club

Ethics Matters in Financial Theory: Christian Walter and Jean-Pierre Zigrand
13/05/2014: 6:30 PM. Forum for European Philosophy

London Foundations Conference: Foundations of Quantum Theory
14/05/2014: 12:00 AM. Expert Workshop

14/05/2014: 5:30 PM. Choice Group

Owen Maroney (Oxford): tba
19/05/2014: 5:15 PM. Sigma Club

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Choice Group|

The LSE Choice Group is a group of philosophers, political scientists and economists based mainly at the LSE and with a shared interest in the theory of rational decision making in individuals and groups and its application to economic, political and social questions.


Managing Severe Uncertainty|

In collaboration with economists and climate scientists in other departments at LSE (and elsewhere), this project has the following objectives: to examine policy decision making under conditions of severe uncertainty; to study scientific models that are both imperfect and non-linear, especially those of the climate and of climate change; to study the implications for climate policy-making of the inherent limitations we face in making predictions about relevant climate variables, in relation both to our ability to assess the impact of possible interventions and to our ethical assessment of them, and to propose techniques for dealing with these limitations.


Sigma Club|

The Sigma Club is the Philosophy of Physics Project's seminar series. It hosts talks dealing with issues in the philosophy, methodology and foundations of modern physics broadly construed. Seminars take place in the seminar room of CPNSS (LAK 206) on selected Mondays. Everybody is welcome to attend. 


BSPS London Meetings|

The CPNSS hosts every year the London Meetings of the British Society for the Philosophy of Science.