On 24 October, this half-day workshop will address issues raised by Craig Callender’s Lakatos Award-winning book, What Makes Time Special?



Wednesday 24 October 2018, Lakatos Building, LSE

Chair: Roman Frigg

14:00 Craig Callender (UC San Diego): “What Makes Time Special?” LAK.206
14:20 Carl Hoefer (University of Barcelona): “Manifest Time as Physicalism’s 2nd Hard Problem” LAK.206
15:20 Huw Price (University of Cambridge): “Two Paths to Modal Pragmatism” LAK.206
16:05 Coffee Break
16:25 Heather Dyke (LSE): “Explaining Manifest Time: What Language Can’t Tell Us About Time” LAK.206
17:25 Alastair Wilson (University of Birmingham): “Why is Time Special?” LAK.206

Each talk is followed by a short (5min) reply by Craig Callender and then an open discussion.



All talks take place in the Lakatos Building, LSE.

For further help finding your way to LSE, see the LSE Maps and Directions website, or the Lakatos building special needs access guide via DisabledGo.



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