The 9th annual LSE-Bayreuth Student Philosophy Conference will take place 5-6 May 2022 online via Zoom, hosted by LSE.


Please note that all times are in British Summer Time (BST)

Day 1: Thursday 5 May

9:00 Welcome
9:05 Weijia Zhang: “The Impermissibility of Killing Innocent Threats in Self-Defense.”

Commentary: Jonathan Parry (LSE)

9:45 Clara Immler: “Rebuilding Trust in Science.” Commentator: Roberta Cubisino.

Commentary: Roberta Cubisino (Bayreuth)

10:30 Break
10:45 Keynote Lecture: Michael Diamond-Hunter (LSE): “Racial Populations and Epidemiological Interventions.”
11:30 Break
11:40 Kaiwen Luo: “Thought Experiments and the Normative Indefeasability of Intuition.”

Commentary: Giacomo Giannini (LSE)

12:20 Valentin Bayas: “Simulating the Evolution of Team Reasoning.”

Commentary: Paolo Galeazzi (Bayreuth)


Day 2: Friday 6 May

9:00 Welcome
9:05 Linus Ax: “Tracking Changes in Individuals’ Freedoms: Negative vs. Positive Liberty”.

Commentary: Gemma Lligadas Gonzalez (Bayreuth)

9:45 Julius Geissler: “Was Xunzi a Metaethicist?”.

Commentary: Liam Kofi Bright (LSE)

10:30 Break
10:45 Keynote Lecture: Carlos Núñez (Bayreuth): “Expressivism and direction of fit psychology (or why expressivists are in serious need of psycho-analysis)”
11:30 Cristina Somcutean, “Pornography, Risk Assessment, and the Imbalance of Potential Harm.”

Commentary: Carlos Núñez (Bayreuth)

12:20 Billy Koutcher, “Hermeneutical Injustice and Nonbinary Pronouns.”

Commentary: Kate Vredenburgh (LSE)



This event will take place online via Zoom.

University of Bayreuth and LSE students/faculty are welcome to join using a computer with access to the internet and Zoom. To take part just follow these instructions:




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