From 11–13 September this online student conference will address philosophical issues in science and society, and the interactions between them.

Recent events have thrown into the spotlight a plethora of philosophical questions; about obligation, the social contract, questions about the nature of evidence and decisions under uncertainty, to name a few. But submissions needn’t have any relationship to the Covid situation. The theme of “science and society” is to be interpreted very broadly. This can include work solely around the theme of science, broadly construed, or society, broadly construed, or how they interact. We are accepting submissions, in the form of abstracts, from both masters and PhD students with an equal interest in each. The conference will be conducted over Zoom and will include social “hang out” sessions as well as talks.

  • Topic: Science & Society – philosophical reflections on science, social institutions and their interaction (broadly defined)
  • Audience: Masters and PhD students of all universities
  • Date: 11 September (evening) – 13 September; submission deadline for long abstracts 1 September.
  • Format: Lectures and Presentations on Zoom, Networking Opportunities and Socials on Discord
  • Structure: 3 keynote presentations by academic speakers on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, 90min each (60min presentation, 30min Q&A); 10-15** graduate student presentations on Saturday and Sunday, 55min each (25min presentation, 30min Q&A)



We are a group of postgraduate philosophy students at LSE who have been organising an online conference around the theme of Science and Society. Given the ongoing crisis a great many postgraduate students are experiencing a sense of both personal and intellectual isolation. It is our view that this is an opportunity to address both of these. The conference will be a chance to present your work and explore and critique the work of others as well as a chance to socialise with your fellow philosophers from across the UK and beyond.


As mentioned above we are looking for abstracts (up to 500 words) to form the basis of a 25 minute talk followed by a 30 minute Q & A. The deadline for these is 1 September with the conference itself to take place over the weekend of 11–13 September. Additionally there will be three keynotes talks, speakers tbc.




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