Centre Staff, Researchers & Visitors


Nadine Almanasfi | Events Coordinator
Tel: +44 (0)20 7955 7038


Professor Toby Dodge | Kuwait Professor
Tel: +44(0)20 7955 6176


Mariam Ghorbannejad | Kuwait Programme Publications Editor
Tel: +44(0)20 7955 6639 


Yasmine Kherfi | Assistant Editor
Tel: +44 (0)20 7955 6615 


Robert LoweDeputy Director
Tel: +44 (0)20 7955 6365 


Dr Michael Mason | Director
Tel: +44 (0)20 7852 3661


Jack McGinn | Communications Coordinator
Tel: +44 (0)20 7955 6932


Sandra Sfeir | Projects Manager
Tel: +44 (0)20 7955 6198


Ian SinclairKuwait Programme Administrator
Tel: +44(0)20 7955 6639 

Research Staff


Taif Alkhudary | Research Assistant

Taif is Principal Investigator on the project 'Patriarchal Norms and Legal Discrimination Against Women and Girls in Iraq'.


Dr Muna Dajani | Research Officer 

Muna is a Research Officer on the project 'The Untold Story of the Occupation of the Golan Heights'. She is also a PhD Candidate at LSE's Department of Geography and Environment.

Courtney Freer

Dr Courtney Freer | Assistant Professorial Research Fellow

Courtney is Assistant Professorial Research Fellow at the Centre. Her research focuses on domestic politics of the Gulf, with particular interest in Islamism and tribalism.


Nilesh Raut | Research Assistant

Nilesh is a Research Assistant on the project 'Explaining the Middle Eastern Health Inequality Paradox' and a PhD student at the LSE’s Department of Health Policy.

Steffen Hertog

Professor Steffen Hertog | Associate Professor

Steffen is PI on the Kuwait Programme project 'The Social Safety Net in Kuwait'. He is also an Associate Professor in the Department of Government, LSE.


Dr Athanasia Kalaitzi | Research Officer 

Athanasia is PI on a collaborative research project with  AUS entitled 'Export Composition and Economic Growth in the UAE: A Multivariate Time Series Analysis (1981–2017).'


Zainab Mehdi | Research Assistant

Zainab is a Research Assistant working alongside Dr Michael Mason for the year-long water management in Basra project.


Dr Jessica Watkins | Research Officer

Jessica is a Research Officer currently working on the Conflict Research Programme looking at regional drivers of conflict in Iraq and the wider Middle East.


Dr Polly Withers | Research Officer

Polly is Research Officer at the LSE Middle East Centre, and leads the project 'Neoliberal Visions: Exploring Gendered Adverts and Identities in the Palestinian West Bank'.

Visiting Fellows and Professors 

Madawi Al Rasheed

Professor Madawi Al Rasheed | Visiting Professor

Madawi was Professor of Anthropology of Religion at King’s College, London between 1994 and 2013. Previously, she was Prize Research Fellow at Nuffield College, Oxford.


Dr Aniseh Bassiri Tabrizi | Visiting Fellow

Aniseh is a Senior Research Fellow at the International Security Studies department at RUSI. Her research is concerned with security and geopolitics in the Middle East.


Dr Hannes Baumann | Visiting Fellow

Hannes is a lecturer in the politics department of the University of Liverpool. He works primarily on Middle East political economy.

Ian Black

Dr Ian Black | Visiting Senior Fellow

Ian is a former Middle East editor, diplomatic editor and European editor for the Guardian newspaper.

andrew delatolla

Dr Andrew Delatolla | Visiting Fellow

Andrew is a Lecturer in Middle Eastern Studies at the University of Leeds whose research interests centre on issues of race, gender, and sexuality in relation to statehood and state formation.


Dr Fanar Haddad | Visiting Fellow

Fanar is senior advisor to the Prime Minister of Iraq, and publishes widely on issues relating to historic and contemporary Iraq and on identity politics in the region.


Dr Isabel Käser | Visiting Fellow

Isabel is Postdoctoral Research Associate at the Centre for Gender Studies at SOAS. She works on gender, conflict, body politics and migration in the Kurdish Middle East.

Zeynep Kaya

Dr Zeynep Kaya | Visiting Fellow

Zeynep is a Senior Teaching Fellow at SOAS and Academic Associate at the University of Cambridge. She studies gender, violence and development in conflict and post-conflict contexts.

Davide Luca

Dr Davide Luca | Visiting Fellow

Davide is an Assistant Professor in Applied Economics at Cambridge University. His research studies the politics of policy delivery and development at a local level. 


Dr Toby Matthiesen | Visiting Fellow

Toby is Senior Research Fellow at Oxford University, and leads the LSE project ‘Whose Revolution? Re-assessing the Impact of the 1979 Iranian Revolution on Sunni Islamism’.

Aitemad Muhanna Matar

Dr Aitemad Muhanna-Matar | Visiting Fellow

Aitemad is currently investigating the gender impact of Syrian displacement in Jordan and Turkey. From 2014–20 she was Assistant Professorial Research Fellow at the Centre.


Dr Harry Pettit | Visiting Fellow

Harry is an Associate Member of Christ Church College, Oxford. He researches the emotional geographies of contemporary capitalism, focusing on Egypt and the Gulf. 


Professor Elie Podeh | Visiting Professor

Elie is Bamberger and Fuld Professor in the History of the Muslim Peoples in the Department of Islamic and Middle East Studies, Hebrew University of Jerusalem.


Dr Benedict Robin-D'Cruz | Visiting Fellow

Benedict is a researcher specialising in Iraqi politics, Iraq's Sadrist movement and Shi’i Islamist movements, and Iraq’s protest politics. 


Dr Mac Skelton | Visiting Fellow

Mac is Director of the Institute of Regional and International Studies (IRIS) based at the American University of Iraq, Sulaimani. 


Dr Ghoncheh Tazmini | Visiting Fellow

Ghoncheh is a British Academy grant-holder researching Iranian-Russian alignment in the Middle East. 


Muhammad Adeel

Dr Muhammad Adeel

Muhammad is PI on the Kuwait Programme Research Grant 'Towards an Equitable Transport System in Kuwait'. He is also a Research Fellow at the University of Leeds.


Dr Walaa Alqaisiya

Walaa is a teaching fellow in gender, sexuality and conflict at the Department of Gender at LSE. Her work weaves together queer studies, decolonial approaches and indigenous studies.

Giles Atkinson

Professor Giles Atkinson

Giles is Co-PI on an LSE project looking at global warming in Kuwait. He is also Professor of Environmental Policy in the Department of Geography and Environment at LSE.

Ernestina Coast

Dr Ernestina Coast

Ernestina is Associate Professor of Population Studies in the LSE Department of International Development. She is Co-PI on an MEC project looking at health in wars and conflicts.


Dr Joan Costa-i-Font 

Joan is Associate Professor (Reader) at the LSE's European Institute and the Department of Health Policy. He is PI on an MEC project exploring health inequality in the MENA region.


Alexandra Gomes

Alexandra is a Co-PI on the Kuwait Programme project 'Public Space in Kuwait: From User Behaviour to Policy-making'. She is also a Research Officer in LSE Cities.


Dr Ben Groom

Ben is Professor of Environment and Development Economics in the LSE Department of Geography and Environment. He is PI on an MEC research project.


Professor Ellen Helsper

Ellen is Professor of Digital Inequalities at LSE. She is a Co-PI on the Kuwait Programme project 'Evaluating Digital Skills and Tangible Outcomes in Kuwait'.

Simona Iammarino

Professor Simona Iammarino

Simona is a Co-PI on the Kuwait Programme collaboration project on private R&D investment in Kuwait. Simona is also Professor of Economic Geography at LSE.

Jeniffer Jackson Preece

Dr Jennifer Jackson-Preece

Jennifer is a Associate Professor of Nationalism at the European Institute and the Department of International Relations at LSE. She is PI on an MEC collaboration project with UAEU.

Neil Lee

Dr Neil Lee

Neil is Co-PI on the Kuwait Programme collaboration project on private R&D investmest in Kuwait. Neil is also an Associate Professor of Economic Geography at LSE.

Tiziana Leone

Dr Tiziana Leone

Tiziana is Assistant Professor in Demography in the LSE Department of International Development. She is PI on an MEC collaboration project looking at health in wars and conflicts.

Sam Mejias

Dr Sam Mejias

Sam is a Research Fellow at the Department of Media and Communications. He is a Co-PI on the Kuwait Programme project 'Empowering Democratic Citizenship through Education'.


Professor Susana Mourato 

Susana is Professor of Environmental Economics and Head of the Department Department of Geography and Environment. 


Professor Martha Mundy 

Martha is Professor Emeritus at the Department of Anthropology. 

Berkay Ozcan

Dr Berkay Ozcan

Berkay is Assistant Professor of Social Policy at LSE. He is Researcher on an MEC project looking at health inequality in the MENA.


Dr Esra Özyürek

Esra is an Associate Professor and Chair for Contemporary Turkish Studies at the European Institute, LSE.

Sara Salem

Dr Sara Salem

Sara is an Assistant Professor at the LSE Department of Sociology.

Nazanin Shahrokni

Dr Nazanin Shahrokni

Nazanin is an Assistant Professor of Gender and Globalisation at the LSE Department for Gender Studies.


Dr Deen Sharp

Deen is an LSE Fellow in Human Geography at the Department of Geography and Environment.


Professor Hyun Shin

Hyun is Professor of Geography and Urban Studies at LSE. He is PI on the Kuwait Programme project 'Asian Capital and the Rise of Smart Urbanism in Kuwait'.




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