Dr Anahita  Motazed Rad

Dr Anahita Motazed Rad

Visiting Senior Fellow

Department of International Relations

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English, Persian
Key Expertise
Iran, Middle East Political Affairs, Middle East International Relations

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Dr Anahita Motazed Rad is a holder of PhD in Politics from University of Pune, India in 2009. 

She has taught at university since 2002 at different academic levels, especially MA and PhD. She has also been in collaboration with some scientific research institutions on international politics, Middle East Issues and Iran’s foreign policy, including the Iranian International Studies Association (IISA) (of which she has been Vice-President since 2018), UN Centre in Tehran (2014 to present) and the Institute for Political and International Studies (IPIS) of Iran’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs (from 2014-2016).

She was the Executive Secretary of the National Conference of "Emerging World Orders and the International System" in 2021. She made speeches and presentations in the UN Center in Tehran regarding significant memorable international events such as the anniversary of the Rwandan Genocide (2016-2018) and "the International Day of Non-Violence" (2017-2019). She has translated and published two books from English to Persian, the first one Who won the oil wars? by Andy Stern in 2010, and the second one Meditation on Diplomacy, Comparative Cases in Diplomatic Practice and Foreign Policy by Stephen Chan in 2020. She has been in collaboration with the Educational Program on the Middle East and Africa of the Instituto Affari Internazionale (IAI) and presented three lectures on Middle East issues and the topic of “Iran’s Regional Role” after the Trump Administration (2021 to present).

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LSE Middle East Centre


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Theory/Area/History Research Cluster

Security and Statecraft Research Cluster

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Iran; Middle East Political Affairs; Development of Trans-Regional Powers Relations in the Middle East

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