PeaceRep Iraq

Supported by: PeaceRep and the FCDO

A Royal Engineers Boat Group patrols the Shatt Al Arab waterway in Basra (2006) (C) David Axe, Flickr.

The Peace and Conflict Resolution Evidence Platform (PeaceRep) is a seven-year research consortium led by the University of Edinburgh Law School and funded by the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO). The LSE Middle East Centre works closely with experts and mid-career researchers, largely based in Iraq, to conduct world-class research on the intricacies of peacebuilding, conflict and democratisation within Iraq.

Joining the consortium in 2021, the LSE Middle East Centre’s PeaceRep programme looks at the peace and transition processes amidst evolving conflict dynamics, shifting demands of inclusion, and a transformed landscape of global intervention in conflict, peace, and mediation in Iraq.

The LSE Middle East Centre also partners on a parallel programme supported by the FCDO and University of Edinburgh Law School in collaboration with the University of St Andrews researching fragmentations in the global order and how these impact peace and transition settlements in Türkiye, the GCC and Iran.

For more information about the Programme, please contact Mustafa Al-Soufi, Programme Coordinator, at

Project Outputs – Year 2 (2022-3)

Project Outputs – Year 3 (2023-4)