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The Academic Speakers Bureau has successfully launched its thought-provoking Taster Talks series
1 February 2024

On 31 January 2024, the Academic Speakers Bureau (ASB) successfully launched its Taster Talks series, marking a significant milestone for this LSE Consulting initiative.

The ASB Taster Talks aim to provide a sneak peek into the expertise and insights of distinguished speakers associated with the bureau. The event showcased the diverse range of topics and subjects provided by ASB, highlighting its commitment to promote knowledge-sharing and foster intellectual discussions.


Mission Possible

Mission Possible: Putting purpose back into policy
25 October 2023

Political priorities move fast and collective memories fade. In our latest report, made possible by financial support from Moderna, Dr Tony Hockley argues that vaccines policy sits at a critical juncture in time.

In a foreword the Chair of the House of Commons Science and Technology Committee, and former Business Secretary, Rt Hon Greg Clark MP   argues that the Industrial Strategy that laid the basis for the response to COVID-19 has suffered a dismantling of its elements since. He writes: “There is an awakening sense that these bewildering collapses in strategy can still be halted”. This paper makes recommendations to seize the opportunities that still exist within the public policy environment and maintain a clear focus on disease prevention and pandemic preparedness whilst they are still high in the collective memory.


Gene Therapies: A Wave is Coming - Are Health Systems Ready?
13 July 2023

The field of advanced cell and gene therapies is growing rapidly, with 23 new cell and gene therapies set to be approved in 2023 in the United States and European Union. These promising therapies mark a radical shift from traditional treatment modalities, addressing the underlying genetic causes of disease rather than merely treating symptoms. However, to harness their potential effectively, there is a need for innovation and adaptation that extends throughout the entire health sector. The impressive pace of progress in gene therapies therefore raises an important question for policy makers: are our health systems adequately prepared?


Launch: Academic Speakers Bureau
22 February 2023

We're very pleased to announce we have launched a new initiative: the Academic Speakers Bureau (ASB). ASB is the UK’s first speakers' bureau which has an exclusive focus on speakers with distinguished academic careers and has been developed by the London School of Economics and Political Science, the world's leading social science institution.

Academic speakers are equipped with specialist knowledge, skills, and experience in a wide range of fields. Our aim is to help clients all around the world find the perfect academic speaker for their next conference, public/private sector event, or boardroom advisory session, online or in person.

Looking for a speaker? Click here. 

Want to join ASB as a speaker? Click here.




Join Trade Policy Hub's upcoming virtual roundtable
6 June 2022

We are delighted to invite you to our virtual roundtable on 8 June 2022 to discuss new trends in implementation and enforcement in trade and sustainable development provisions in the European Union and beyond.

Register by 7 June latest by emailing Elitsa Garnizova at

See the full invite.


Sign up to our new opportunities platform
29 April 2022

We are pleased to announce the launch of a new initiative: OppsLink. OppsLink is an opportunities platform developed by LSE Research and Innovation to connect Academics, Researchers, PhD students and Early Career Researchers with consulting and research commercialisation projects.
We gather opportunities through public procurement as well as directly from a range of clients in public/private sector organisations, governments and public policy think tanks. The projects featured cut across disciplines and research areas, from environment and energy to technology and innovation.
We invite all experts to create a login, complete a profile, set up email alerts, and browse project opportunities for consulting and research commercialisation projects. 




New Era In Experience
16 April 2021

Our latest report by Dr Alexander Grous (LSE Department of Media and Communications) in collaboration with Adobe, New Era In Experience, shows that 25% of European companies are set to digitally thrive in the post-COVID economy. The study depicts how the three business archetypes of Thrivers, Hiders, and Survivors are approaching digital transformation and technology investment during COVID-19. It identifies the digitisation and leadership traits required to thrive in the post-pandemic business landscape.

City at night

Trade Policy Hub to deliver India Market Access Cross Sector Study for British Government
25 February 2021

The Department for International Trade (DIT) and the British High Commission in India have commissioned the Trade Policy Hub to undertake a cross sector study on UK-India market access. This project is to produce evidence to support efforts aimed at further strengthening the UK-India trade and investment relationship.

Women in healthcare

A Partnership in Peril? Health charities and the NHS in a pandemic
19 January 2021

Our latest report, Health Charities and the NHS, describes the 2020 pandemic as a “wake up call” for health policy planners in England. The paper by Dr Tony Hockley (LSE) and Prof Alison Leary (London South Bank University) details how charities have been filling major gaps in health and care services that are set to grow in the coming decades, and how policymakers have done little to involve these charities in planning their response to the pandemic.

UK and EU flags

Podcast: A look at the impact of Brexit on food security in the UK
12 January 2021

The UK has officially left the EU, but what kind of impact is expected on the UK food supply chain long term? What effect will new regulations have on producers and manufactures importing and exporting between the UK and Europe?

In December 2020, Food Matters assembled an expert panel to discuss the potential impact. Dr Elitsa Garnizova, who heads up LSE Consulting's Trade Policy Hub, was part of the panel, alongside David Wells (Chief Executive, Logistics UK), Ian Wright (Chief Executive, Food & Drink Federation), and Tony Heron (Professor of International Political Economy, University of York & Co-Investigator, IKnowFood Project).

Click here to listen to the podcast.




Event - The Big Conversation: Values and international cooperation in a changing world
16 November 2020

What's the role of values in cooperation on shared global challenges? Join the international panel event on 24 November 2020 to discuss the findings of The Big Conversation, a new research programme on values in cultural relations and international cooperation.

Click here for more info and to register.

Supply chains

New research from LSE and Arla Foods exposes enormous price hikes consumers will face as a result of no-deal
23 September 2020

A new LSE Consulting report, commissioned by leading dairy co-operative Arla Foods, has unearthed the colossal impact a no-deal Brexit will have on the food and beverage industry. The findings cement concerns around the harsh economic consequences new trade restrictions will have on both UK consumers and businesses, in particular, predicting sharp price rises in fresh foods.

Johnson & Trump

The North Atlantic Trade Triangle
16 July 2020

In late June, trade and LSE experts met over Zoom to talk about the future of the North Atlantic Trade Triangle. LSE Consulting's trade policy expert Elitsa Garnizova reports on the discussion and sets out the EU-US relations in view of open strategic autonomy and UK’s trade priorities post-Brexit.

Elias Mossialos

How Greece moved quickly and decisively to keep COVID-19 out
27 May 2020

Professor Elias Mossialos (Head of Department of Health Policy) has played a significant role in the Greek policy response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Throughout the pandemic, he has advised on the introduction of several COVID-19 response measures including the strengthening of health system and ICU capacity, school closures, and bans on public gatherings. 

“Had Greece not recognised its vulnerability and taken early and decisive action, it might be facing a very different situation today”, says Professor Mossialos. 

This article in The Telegraph dives into the details of how Greece has managed to defy the odds during the global pandemic and highlights how Professor Mossialos has contributed to the Greek policy response. 


Decision-making for pandemic resilience: COVID-19
18 May 2020

In collaboration with the Department of Health Policy and LSE Health, we offer advisory services for public and private healthcare organisations, Ministries of Health and governments seeking strategic insights on how to respond, recover and ultimately redevelop health systems in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.


Coronavirus (COVID-19)
23 March 2020

Due to the current circumstances of the Coronavirus and the precautions we are collectively taking, the LSE Consulting office in Queens House as well as the office of our wider division, LSE Research and Innovation, in Pankhurst House, will be closed until further notice. Besides the offices being closed, we do business as usual, so please get in touch via email with any questions. 

Specific guidance for our LSE academics and staff on dealing with the implications caused by COVID-19 can be found in the staff resources




Stalling mortality and life expectancy trends in the UK
14 November 2019

Mortality and life expectancy improvements in the UK have been stalling substantially over the last decade. Analysis for our latest report, Stalling of mortality in the United Kingdom and Europe, has shown worrying trends of increased inequalities in life expectancy between the rich and the poor.

The report, written by Michael Murphy, Marc Luy and Orsola Torrisi and commissioned by The Health Foundation, focuses on unpacking discourses around these changes – detailing the influence of both long-term evolutions and short-term fluctuations on mortality in the UK – to systematically identify their magnitude and potential explanatory factors as far as possible with existing data.


Trade Policy Hub: LSE's first ICURe project
2 October 2019

Our Trade Policy Hub has been awarded a place in the highly competitive ICURe Innovation-to-Commercialisation programme and received a £35k fund to carry out market validation of our research-based business idea. 

ICURe is a 13-week programme piloted by the SETSquared partnership whilst funded by Innovate UK and HEFCE, to offer university researchers with commercially promising ideas up to £50k to ‘get out of the lab’ and validate their ideas in the marketplace. ICURe funds teams to assess whether there is a market for products or services that utilise their research and then, where there is evidence of market demand, licence or spinout the research into a company.


Sky High Economics: Capitalising on changing passenger behaviour in a connected world
9 September 2019

There is an immediate opportunity to gain $33 billion in market share for airlines that have successfully installed connected cabins.

Consumers are now connected for almost every waking hour in their everyday lives, as a result of increased engagement with search, social media, e-commerce and streaming. This behaviour provides a compelling business case that airlines can utilise to invest in the connected aircraft, monetising the migration of these consumer activities from the ground to the air and engendering loyalty in the process.

400x400-eu flag

Division of Powers: Decentralisation in Europe
3 July 2019

On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the European Committee of the Regions (CoR), LSE Consulting and CASE-Poland collaborated with the CoR to deliver an update of the Division of Powers website. 

The Division of Powers tool provides an overview of levels of political, administrative and fiscal decentralisation in all EU member states, (potential) candidate countries, and Eastern Partnership and Union for the Mediterranean countries.


Call for Proposals: Social Situation Monitor - Year 3
21 June 2019

The Social Situation Monitor (SSM) is the European Commission’s observatory of employment and social developments in the EU. LSE Consulting and the SSM team would like to invite researchers to submit a research proposal for the third and final year of the Social Situation Monitor. We seek to select seven proposals for Research Notes to investigate the seven topics below relevant to the work of DG Employment:

1. Perceptions of fairness
2. Determinants of access to services
3. Quality, energy-efficient and affordable housing
4. Working time and working time reduction
5. Persistent risk of poverty and severe material deprivation
6. Intra-EU mobility
7. Green jobs: quality of work and future scenarios

Deadline: 31 August 2019


The Transformative Effect of Cloud on Firm Productivity and Performance
13 June 2019

Cloud can help deliver a 20% productivity enhancement in an integrated technology structure and when combined with best management practices. Cloud also facilitates accelerated time-to-market for products and releases, and is ushering a paradigm shift in how organisations implement technology.

Our latest report, The Transformative Effect of Cloud on Firm Productivity and Performance, written by Dr Alexander Grous, indicates that cloud continues to reduce technology and organisational costs while boosting development productivity by a factor of five in many cases and enhancing ROI.

Download the report to learn more.  

Indian Elections 2019

Indian Elections 2019 - Expert Briefings
9 April 2019

India is one of the largest economies in the world and hosts the second largest population. The 2019 elections for a new parliament – with an eligible 900 million voters across India’s six regions – will have far reaching consequences, not only for its citizens but also for the wider world.

We offer ad-hoc briefings, expert insights presentations and project-specific consultancy to aid businesses in their decision-making and the design and implementation of their strategies when navigating the Indian landscape. 

Solar panels

Social Situation Monitor - Call for abstracts: Socially fair transition to a green economy (deadline: 15 November 2019)
5 March 2019

The Social Situation Monitor team welcomes your abstract for an oral presentation at an SSM seminar that will take place in Brussels on 14 or 16 May 2019. 

The aim of the seminar will be to present and discuss the latest research on the issue of just transitions in Europe. 

Global Review

Global Review of Diversity and Inclusion in Business Innovation
11 February 2019

Today, on International Day of Women and Girls in Science, we published our latest report on diversity and inclusion in business innovation, written by Dr Robyn Klingler Vidra.

Commissioned by Innovate UK, this LSE Consulting report provides a novel review of policy initiatives aimed at driving D&I in business innovation. The review develops a broad but precise understanding of what practices and strategies have worked, and which have not across ten countries.



Sky High Economics

Best B2B campaign 2018: Sky High Economics
17 December 2018

On 27 November, Ogilvy won the best B2B campaign award at the International Content Marketing Awards 2018 with their multi-platform campaign for Inmarsat around the research study ‘Sky High Economics’.

Social investment in Europe

Social Situation Monitor - Call for abstracts: Social investment in Europe (deadline: 26 November 2018)
21 November 2018

The Social Situation Monitor (SSM) is the European Commission’s observatory of employment and social developments in the EU. As part of its research activities, the SSM team welcomes your abstract for an oral presentation at a SSM seminar that will take place in Brussels on 29 January 2019.

Social Convergence

Social Situation Monitor - Research Seminar: Social convergence in Europe (26 November 2018)
14 November 2018

The Social Situation Monitor (SSM) is the European Commission’s observatory of employment and social developments in the EU.

The SSM team welcomes researchers, analysts and policymakers to discuss the issue of social convergence in Europe on 26 November 2018 in Brussels.

EU-Japan EPA

The social and environmental commitments of the EU-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement
31 October 2018

The European Parliament will soon face a crucial decision on the EU-Japan EPA. The EPA is the largest free-trade agreement signed by Japan and the EU, encompassing 640 million people and 28% of the world’s GDP.

The authors of the sustainability impact assessment of the EU-Japan EPA will talk about the social and environmental aspects of the agreement at an event on 21 November 2018.


Event: Digitalisation & Work (11 October 2018)
5 October 2018

On the 11th of October, CSR Europe and Huawei will bring together 150 people from businesses, politics, international organisations and NGOs to discuss the evolving role of ICT in the economy and its impact on productivity and employment.

This conference, taking place in Brussels, is based on the research findings of the LSE Consulting report The Evolving Role of ICT in the Economy.

Social Convergence

Social Situation Monitor - Call for abstracts: Social convergence in Europe
26 September 2018

The Social Situation Monitor (SSM) is the European Commission’s observatory of employment and social developments in the EU. As part of its research activities, the SSM invites you to submit your abstract for an oral presentation at an SSM seminar that will take place in Brussels on Monday 26 November 2018.

Video Hearings

First England and Wales pilot shows Fully Video Hearings are welcomed in court
13 September 2018

LSE academics Dr Meredith Rossner and Martha McCurdy (Department of Law) have conducted a pilot in which all participants appeared virtually via video in hearings. Court users found the so-called Fully Video Hearings to be convenient, easy to understand and user-friendly. 

The pilot was the first of its kind in which hearings with all parties attending remotely have been trialed in England and Wales. The hearings were conducted as if in a physical courtroom, but took place over the internet, with each participant logging in from a location of their choice using their own equipment.


LSE Consulting's latest report: The impact of Brexit on the UK dairy sector
19 July 2018

More than two years have passed since the UK’s decision to leave the European Union, with “Brexit Day” looming ever closer. Both the UK Government and the EU have said that frictionless trade is a key priority; and the UK Government has published a White Paper on the UK’s future relationship with Europe which aims to achieve that goal, but this still has to be negotiated with the EU (and continues, of course, to be a matter of debate in the UK).

Given that changes could come into force as soon as March 2019, businesses such as Arla Foods UK have been compelled to start contingency planning, analysing what effect these changes might have on its business, on its farmer owners and above all on British consumers. To give more depth to this analysis, Arla commissioned LSE Consulting to produce a report to analyse the impact of Brexit on the UK dairy sector.

At the Nexus of Trade & Investment

The EU-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement: A report on how the new deal addresses the need to diversify Europe’s overseas investments
17 July 2018

A new white paper published by the London School of Economics and Political Science looks at how trade agreements improve return on investments. Focusing on the new EU-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA), the white paper shows how cuts in trade costs increase profit margins for European investors in Japan and can be used to conquer larger market shares.

The EU-Japan EPA, signed today, is on track for ratification and expected to swiftly enter into force. Covering nearly one-third of global GDP, it is one of the largest trade agreements ever completed.

Sky High Economics

Sky High Economics: Evaluating the Economic Benefits of Connected Airline Operations
25 June 2018

The Sky High Economics study is the first of its kind to comprehensively model the economic impact of inflight connectivity on the aviation industry. Following the first instalment, Quantifying the Commercial Opportunities of Passenger Connectivity for the Global Airline Industry, which focused on revenue potential, this second report shines new light on the cost benefits of inflight connectivity. 

Dr Mirko Draca

The Evolving Role of ICT in the Economy
6 June 2018

Today, Huawei together with LSE's Centre for Economic Performance (CEP) launched their collaborative research regarding the impact and power that information and communication technologies (ICT) have on the economy and society, at the fourth Huawei Asia-Pacific Innovation Day on 6 June in Bangkok.


Social Situation Monitor - Call for Proposals: Employment and Social Developments in Europe
14 May 2018

The Social Situation Monitor (SSM) is the European Commission’s observatory of employment and social developments in the EU. As part of its research activities, the SSM invites any researcher affiliated with LSE to submit a research proposal before midnight on 24 June 2018.

WHO Workshop

LSE delivers high-level training on Negotiation for Medicines Strategic Procurement under the auspices of the World Health Organization
5 March 2018

LSE Health and the WHO have successfully completed the second training workshop on ‘Negotiation for Medicines Strategic Procurement’ in Copenhagen on 20-22 February 2018.


Event: Multidimensional poverty in the EU (12 March 2018)
1 March 2018

The Social Situation Monitor (SSM) team invites analysts, economists and social researchers to discuss the issue of measuring multidimensional poverty in a seminar on 12 March 2018 in Brussels.


Share your view on the trade negotiations between the EU and Mexico
15 February 2018

We invite all civil society groups, businesses, trade associations, and all interested stakeholders to contribute their comments, concerns, and views to the trade negotiations between the EU and Mercosur through online survey questionnaires.

Engaging Pharma in the RWE Roadmap

Publication: Engaging Pharma in the RWE Roadmap
18 January 2018

This report, the fourth in a series about Real World Evidence in Europe, is now online. All four reports have outlined discussions held with a number of stakeholders, all of whom have significant experience in specialist disease areas and commissioning of care plus prior experience in the field of RWE, at four round-table style meetings held between June 2016 and October 2017. 



Social protection in the changing world of work

Event: Social protection in the changing world of work (12 January 2018)
11 December 2017

The Social Situation Monitor (SSM) team invites analysts, economists and social researchers to discuss the future of social protection in the changing world of work.


Stakeholder Consultation Roundtables
16 November 2017

In support of the EU-Mexico Trade Sustainability Impact Assessment, LSE Consulting and the European Commission have organised a set of consultation roundtables to channel inputs focusing on several sectoral issues from key stakeholders to the negotiating parties. 


Website Launch: SIA EU-Mexico
14 November 2017

LSE Consulting is proud to announce the website launch of the Sustainability Impact Assessment in support of the negotiations for the modernisation of the trade pillar of the Global Agreement with Mexico.


Soviet Subversion, Disinformation and Propaganda
13 November 2017

Over the summer, LSE Consulting collaborated with Arena on a project about Russian methods of disinformation during the Cold War, and their relevance today. The study was commissioned by Jigsaw (a think-tank and subsidiary of Google).


Event: The Future of Work - Automation & Employment (10 November 2017)
30 October 2017

The Social Situation Monitor (SSM) team has organised this research seminar to discuss the future of work. Policymakers and researchers are invited to join the panel, consider the evidence and discuss its implications.


New blog: Global Investments and Local Development
12 October 2017

The Department of Geography and Environment has launched a new blog on “Global Investments and Local Development”, dedicated to globalisation and its consequences on local economic development, employment and innovation.

EU Mercosur

Website Launch: SIA EU-Mercosur
3 October 2017

LSE Consulting is proud to announce the website launch of the Sustainability Impact Assessment in support of the EU-Mercosur ​AA Negotiations. 

Managing Every Mile

Publication: Managing Every Mile
18 September 2017

Dr Alexander Grous explores how business leaders can better understand their travel and expense (T&E) spending in order to improve their return on investment (ROI).

The regional dimension of inequality

Event: European Week of Regions and Cities (10 October 2017)
13 September 2017

Professor Simona Iammarino discusses the regional dimension of inequality in a university session at the European Week of Regions and Cities in Brussels.

Connecting Capabilities

Aiming Haier - Manufacturing goes Internet of Things (IoT)
13 May 2017 

Dr Busch's findings from his case study "Aiming Haier" have been published in Connecting Capabilities, a report from The Economist Intelligence Unit.


The Times: "Tech giants must tackle cyberbullies or face curbs"
27 February 2017

The growth of and increased fears about online threats to children and young people as shown in a study by Professor Sonia Livingstone has led to a new internet safety strategy where social media and technology companies face sanctions unless they do more to curb cyberbullying, sexting and trolling.

Reports about EU budget

HLGOR publishes recommendations after LSE advice
16 January 2017

Future Financing of the EU, the final report of the High Level Group on Own Resources (HLGOR) which marks the end of the work of the Group, has now been published online. It makes 9 recommendations for the reform of the EU budget. The report benefited from an external study commissioned from a consortium which included the LSE and was led by CEPS: Potential and Limitations of Reforming the Financing of the EU Budget.


The Power of Productivity

Publication: The Power of Productivity
12 December 2016

The report The Power of Productivity is now officially published. It reviews available UK productivity data against G7 countries to present a backdrop before depicting options to address firm-level productivity.

Housing market

London Mayor invests in London housing market research
8 December 2016

The London mayor, Sadiq Khan, asked the LSE to investigate the London housing market because of the growing fears about rising housing costs.

Achieving Publicness

Publication: Achieving Publicness
2 December 2016

The report Achieving Publicness is now online. It's a study about Elephant Park commissioned by Lendlease and conducted by researchers of the Configuring Light/Staging the Social research Programme based at the LSE and King's College.


Invitation: Book launch Fiscal Decentralisation
7 November 2016

LSE Consulting is delighted to invite you to the launch of the monograph "Fiscal Decentralisation and Local Government Financing in Serbia and Montenegro" funded by the Regional Research Promotion Programme on the 17th of November.

Teaching Excellence in the Disciplines

Publication: Teaching Excellence in the Disciplines
20 October 2016

LSE Consulting has just published the report Teaching Excellence in the Disciplines, based on a project commissioned by the Higher Education Academy. This report examines the conceptions of ‘teaching excellence’ that obtain in different disciplines across the expanded and differentiated structure of UK higher education (HE).


Stakeholder consultation: Trade Sustainability Impact Assessment
29 July 2016

LSE Consulting finished the stakeholder consultation for the Trade Sustainability Impact Assessment of the Free Trade Agreement between Europe and Japan, commissioned by the European Commission - DG for Trade.


Publication: How the EU and Member States Manage Data Transparency and Accessibility on EU Funds
25 July 2016

The European Parliament published an LSE Consulting study on How the EU and Member States Manage Data Transparency and Accessibility on EU Funds. This study is concerned with the increasing transparency in the context of EU funds as it seeks to identify the current state of affairs of transparency and accessibility with regard to EU funding mechanisms in direct, indirect and shared management, as well as the European Development Fund, across the European Union.