Decision-making for pandemic resilience: COVID-19

Advisory services to respond, recover, restructure

Health systems are facing unprecedented challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The disease’s timeline and consequences remain unknown, and the complex interdependency between health systems, private and public corporations, supply chains and economies has been highlighted – at both national and global levels. 

We offer services to support the development and implementation of evidence-based policies and coordinated global action

In collaboration with the Department of Health Policy and LSE Health, we offer advisory services for public and private healthcare organisations, Ministries of Health and governments seeking strategic insights on how to respond, recover and ultimately redevelop health systems in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

As the COVID-19 pandemic develops and eventually recedes, the resilience of countries’ health systems and the wider societies and economies in which they are embedded, will come into focus. Different dimensions will have to be reviewed and potentially restructured, such as:

-   Governance, financing and management
-   Development of and access to medicines, technology and services
-   Human resources, training and workforce development
-   Infrastructure & supply chains
-   Technology
-   Ethics 

We offer services to support the development and implementation of evidence-based policies and coordinated global action at the local, national, and international levels.

Our services

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Strategic advisory services
Responding to business and policy needs of healthcare organisations and governments

As the eventual course and consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic remain uncertain, unanticipated challenges may arise on a daily basis. Our experts are available to provide strategic advisory services to inform short- and long-term decision-making, and guidance on how to leverage opportunities for growth in the future.

Advisory services and insights will be delivered in the form requested but most often take the form of an evidence-based white paper, independent consultations, executive leadership training or webinars. 


Scenario analysis
Projecting potential scenarios to develop a robust plan of action

The first step in overcoming the COVID-19 crisis, is responding to its initial challenges. But what comes next? How do our health systems, economies, and social norms recover from this and how do we ensure we are better prepared for future pandemic threats?

We project multiple scenarios and consider possible outcomes in order to develop mechanisms to respond to the challenges which have presented themselves during this time of immense scrutiny and pressure. 

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Review of health systems
Assessing and comparing health systems at a country level

It has become clear that we need to strengthen health systems both nationally and internationally, while continuing to prevent and treat non-communicable diseases.

Reviewing the resilience of health systems, enables us to inform the development of evidence-based national policy, and collective action internationally: a multifaceted concept going far beyond pandemic prevention.

Our experts

In order to provide our services, we collaborate with Professor Elias Mossialos (Deputy Head of the Department of Health Policy and Director of LSE Health) and the Department of Health  Policy's wider team and faculty, which specialises in health policy, health economics and management applied to the health sector. They provide an understanding of health systems and the social, economic and political contexts in which they operate, employing a multi-disciplinary approach which traverses traditional disciplinary boundaries to deliver powerful and original insights on complex challenges.

Elias Mossialos
Professor Mossialos, Deputy Head of the Department of Health Policy and Director of LSE Health

Professor Mossialos is currently serving as a Special Advisor to the Greek Government on Managing the COVID-19 Crisis. He is also the Greek Representative to International Organisations in COVID-19 Response and a member of the WHO European COVID-19 Strategic Advisory Group. He was the first person to warn the Greek government about the potential impacts of COVID-19 and he began having calls with Greek officials in late January 2020 on COVID-19 response preparation and development. Throughout the pandemic, he has advised on the introduction of several COVID-19 response measures including the strengthening of health system and ICU capacity, school closures, and bans on public gatherings.  

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