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About us

LSE Consulting forms a vital bridge between the academic experts at the London School of Economics and Political Science and the wider world.

We are dedicated to building strong relationships between LSE's academics and our diverse clients

LSE has an outstanding reputation in academia and research. The knowledge, skills and experience of our academic specialists have proved to be a valuable resource for clients all over the world, including governments, corporations and individuals. 

LSE Consulting adopts a collaborative approach, so we make sure to match the needs of our clients with appropriate academic specialists. Our access to LSE’s unique range of intellectual resources ensures our clients receive research and support that is based on robust methodology and expert insight. For over two decades we have helped our trusted experts forge successful partnerships with organisations and individuals across the globe.


Why work with us?

  • Access to world-leading expertise and specialised knowledge

    LSE’s pool of internationally-renowned experts has the experience and specialised knowledge across a range of industries and subject matters. LSE Consulting specialises in sourcing highly-skilled academics from the School whose unique insights, research excellence, industry experience and consultancy skills match the specific needs of our clients. Their reputation and in-depth understanding of a subject ensure that LSE Consulting can deliver high-quality reports and robust research designs.
  • Solving real world problems

    Engagement with the wider world has always been at the heart of LSE’s mission. The work done through LSE Consulting can influence policy changes, answer key questions, offer evidence-based solutions and assist clients in their strategic development.
  • Close collaboration

    Based in the heart of London, LSE houses a diverse community of experts. Working with LSE Consulting provides access to this network and its resources. We facilitate collaboration with our experts and continuously provide comprehensive support at every stage of the project, up to and beyond its completion.
  • High-quality outputs

    LSE continues to be ranked among the top universities in the world. According to the latest research of British higher education institutions, LSE produced the highest percentage of world-leading research of any university in the UK. Our projects reflect LSE’s international reputation for independence, innovation and excellence.

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