New blog: Global Investments and Local Development

12 October 2017


The Department of Geography and Environment has launched a new blog on “Global Investments and Local Development”, supported by the European Research Council. It is dedicated to globalisation and its consequences on local economic development, employment and innovation.

The blog aims to tackle and debate fundamental questions related to the location strategies of global investment flows and their impacts on their host countries, regions and cities across the globe. It aims to foster the dialogues between academics in all fields, students, policymakers, economic development practitioners, businesses, managers and members of local communities.

The team behind the blog encourages submissions of posts written for a non-technical audience about globalisation and how it relates to economic development. The core focus of this blog is global investment, with a wide range of issues that include global value chains, offshoring and re-shoring processes, skilled migration as well as city and regional  innovation, growth and jobs. 

Click here to visit the blog and to find out how to submit a post.