Share your view on the trade negotiations between the EU and Mexico

15 February 2018


The EU is currently negotiating a trade agreement with the four founding members of Mercosur (Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, and Uruguay) as part of the overall negotiation for a bi-regional Association Agreement.

In support of continuing negotiations for the EU-Mercosur Association Agreement, the European Commission has commissioned LSE Consulting with the implementation of a sustainability impact assessment. In order to adequately understand possible impacts of the Association Agreement, the LSE team and the European Commission have designed a multi-faceted consultation process.

Share your view!

We invite all civil society groups (NGOs, human rights groups, labour unions, etc.), businesses, trade associations, and all interested stakeholders to contribute their comments, concerns, and views to the trade negotiations between the EU and Mercosur through online survey questionnaires.

The surveys can be accessed on our project website and aims to gauge views to assess the possible impacts of the trade agreement on economic, environmental, social and human rights issues.

The surveys will remain open for 12 full weeks until the 8th of May 2018.

Stakeholder voices are key to ensuring the negotiations shape a sustainable trade agreement, please take the time to contribute your views today. If you would like a soft copy of the full survey, please send us an email via the link below. 

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