Indian Elections 2019

Expert Briefings

We provide ad-hoc briefings, expert insights presentations and project-specific consultancy.

India is one of the largest economies in the world and hosts the second largest population. The 2019 national elections for a new parliament – with an eligible 900 million voters across India – will have far-reaching and long-term consequences, not only for its citizens but also for the world at large. The country’s size and prospects make it a crucial player in the geopolitical, investment and global landscape.

To understand the complexities, idiosyncrasies, and economic and political implications of an election this size, in-depth knowledge of the region and multi-disciplinary expertise on related issues is indispensable.

The LSE South Asia Centre is uniquely positioned to offer customised insights and analyses on the elections and likely outcomes, stemming from our long-held relationship with the country (click here to read more about LSE's historic relationship with India).

Experts provide unbiased advice to businesses, public institutions, and individuals to aid decision-making, and the design and implementation of their strategies when navigating this emerging economic powerhouse in what promises to be the 'Asian' century.

What we offer


Ad-hoc Briefings

Our ad-hoc briefings provide insight into different aspects of the 2019 Indian elections. The briefing can be in the form of a face-to-face meeting, a phone call or a White Paper.

WHO Workshop

Expert Presentations

One of our experts will visit your organisation for an in-depth presentation customised to your interest. We provide a detailed analysis to understand the Election’s underlying issues to help your organisation prepare for different outcomes and subsequent developments.


Project-specific Consultancy

We offer project-specific consultancy to address a particular question with regards to the Elections, leading to a detailed analysis and report.


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