Research Seminar: Social Convergence in Europe

26 November 2018  |  13.00 - 17.00  |  Crowne Plaza Hotel, Brussels 

Social Convergence


The Social Situation Monitor (SSM) is the European Commission’s observatory of employment and social developments in the EU.

The SSM team welcomes researchers, analysts and policymakers to discuss the issue of social convergence in Europe on 26 November 2018 in Brussels.

Focus of the seminar: Social convergence

Whereas the European project has long been described as a ‘convergence machine’, the recent economic crisis has halted convergence in certain dimensions, and triggered divergence in others. This concerns the areas of employment, income and social protection, but also broader outcomes such as working and living conditions. 

The aim of the seminar will be to present and discuss the latest empirical research on social convergence in Europe. 


  • Dirk Hofäcker
    Professor for Methods of Quantitative Social Research, University of Duisburg-Essen
  • Márton Medgyesi
    Senior researcher, TARKI Social Research Institute, Budapest
  • Salvador Pérez-Moreno
    Associate Professor of Economic Policy, University of Malaga
  • Antonio Savoia
    Senior Lecturer in Development Economics, University of Manchester 

How to register

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The SSM seminar series

SSM seminars are research seminars with the aim to provide a forum to discuss the theoretical, methodological and policy implications of the latest economic and social research. More specifically, SSM seminars aim to inform on:

  • The economic and social analysis of the European Commission in general, and the Commission’s Employment and Social Developments in Europe review in particular;
  • The economic and social analysis of the European Commission’s stakeholders; and
  • The economic and social policies of the European Commission and its stakeholders.

SSM seminars are primarily intended to:

  • Economists and analysts working in policy-making organisations;
  • Academic researchers; and
  • Policy officers with an interest in economic and social analysis.

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For more information about the seminar, please contact: 

Dr Arnaud Vaganay