Managing Every Mile: How to deliver greater return on investment from Travel and Expense

A report commissioned by Amadeus and written by Dr Alexander Grous

18 September 2017

Corporations could improve ROI from business travel spend by adopting IT-enabled best practices

In the report Managing Every Mile, Dr Alexander Grous explores how business leaders can better understand their travel and expense (T&E) spending in order to improve their return on investment (ROI).


An increasingly globalised business world often necessitates travel for organisations of all sizes and sectors. Building relationships, exploring new markets and uncovering new ways of working on a global level are key to unlock new opportunities. This results in Travel and expense spending (T&E) being the second-largest expenditure for corporations worldwide.


Managing Every Mile demonstrates that organisations are not optimising their T&E spending. However, as Dr Grous shows, a combination of pro-active management of T&E spending, adopting best practice processes and through IT-enabled solutions, organisations can make cost savings, increase customer satisfaction and provide better accountability for every mile travelled. By implementing a simple, IT-supported framework, organisations can provide cost-effective T&E spending for the company and the customer.