Research students

Research students grouped by five research clusters


Pre-Modern East and West (including the long 19th Century)

No research students are currently within this cluster 

Conflict and Identity in Europe since the 18th Century 


Matthew Cockerill

Provisional thesis title to be confirmed

Supervisor: Dr David Motadel


Stavros Diamantopoulos

The Greek problem and the EC in the 1980s

Supervisor: Professor Piers Ludlow


Peter Farrell-Vinay

The evolution of battle planning by the British Army on the Western Front 1914-1918

Supervisor: Professor Matthew Jones


Jan Kozdra

Security, modernity and cohesion. Poland’s quest for socialist independence, 1956-1970

Supervisor: Professor Anita Prazmowska


Ryoya Mizuno

The International Thought of Arnold J. Toynbee: The Decline of the West and the End of the British Imperial System

Supervisor: Dr Dina Gusejnova


Omar Nasr

The British Empire and Islam in the Second World War

Supervisor: Dr David Motadel and Professor Marc David Baer


Michele Pajero

Fascist Rule and Oppression in North Africa: A Comparative Study of the Italian and French Empires at War, 1940-43

Supervisor: Dr David Motadel


Sean Quinn

Agrarian Collectivisation in Catalonia and the Question of Power in the Spanish Revolution (July 1936 - June1937)

Supervisor: Professor Paul Preston


Ben Sayle

Reappraising the "Edwardian Radical Right", 1903-1918

Supervisor: Professor David Stevenson


Jonathan Slater

Indigestible, Disgusting, and Vile: The Development and Regulation of Ersatz Food Products in Germany during the First World War

Supervisor: Dr David Motadel and Professor David Stevenson


Edoardo Vaccari

The Ventotene Moment -- Justice, Liberty, and European Federalism in the Political Thought of Third Force Socialism

Supervisor: Dr Dina Gusejnova

Modern World History


Maliha Ahmed

Bangladesh’s Path to Recognition, 1971-1974

Supervisor: Dr Taylor C. Sherman


Armand Azra bin Azlira

The End of Anticolonialism in Malaysia: From the British Recolonisation of Malaya to the 1969 Race Riots, c.1945-1969

Supervisor: Dr Kirsten Schulze


Medha Bhattachrya

An Examination of the Hindi and Bengali Movements in South Asia (1930-1971)

Supervisor: Dr Taylor Sherman


Andrew Capistrano

Andrew Capistrano

Far Eastern Questions: Britain, the Washington system, and international cooperation in China, 1921-1922

Supervisor: Dr Antony Best



Mairead Costello

Global Pilgrims: Christians, Jews, and Muslims in the British Empire, c. 1869-1914

Supervisor: Dr David Motadel


Caroline Cox

Interracial-Intimacy and Imperialism: A Comparison of German and British Colonies in Africa, 1860-1920

Superisor: Dr Joanna Lewis and Dr Imaobong Umoren

Danielle Davenport

Danielle Davenport

Scope of belonging: The Uncertainty of Being Biracial or ‘Mixed Race’ in India and Zambia at the End of the British Empire

Supervisor: Dr Joanna Lewis


Roger Enock

Resolution 181. An Analysis of the Decision Making Process within the United Nations that Led to the Resolution in 1947 to Partition Palestine

Supervisor: Dr Kirsten Schulze


Fadi Esber

The Politics of Partition in French Mandate Syria, 1920-1936

Supervisor: Dr Kirsten Schulze


Liam Frahm

A Welcome Return? Britain and the Former Far Eastern Prisoners of War, 1945-54

Supervisor: Dr Antony Best


Jonathan Franco

The Peacekeeping Role of the United Nations in the Arab-Israeli Conflict

Supervisor: Dr Kirsten Schulze


Noel Mariam George

Refugees, Identity and the State: Post-partition histories of citizen becoming in India 

Supervisor: Dr Taylor Sherman



Zhen Liew

Carceral Spaces and Punitive Mobilities: Re-examining Chinese migration in Colonial Maritime Southeast Asia, 1900-1957

Supervisor: Dr Qingfei Yin


Sungok Lim

The Anglo-American approach and commonality upon East Asia and Korea, 1897-190

Supervisor: Professor Antony Best


Amir Mehdi

Provisional thesis title to be confirmed 

Supervisor: Dr Kirsten Schulze


Celine Mitchell

French Algerian Hip-Hop: The Convergence of Colonialism, Islam, Racism, Poverty and Violence

Supervisor: Dr Joanna Lewis


Fergus Richardson-Soar

“This is Zambia, a land of W.I.T.C.H”: The Zamrock movement, identity, social change and transnational countercultures in independent Zambia in the long seventies.

Supervisor: Dr Joanna Lewis and Dr Tim Gibbs (UCL)


Pritam Singh

Caste, Race and Empire: Tracing the Roots of Indian Traders' Hegemony Over Lower-Caste Labourers in South Africa C. 1860-1994.

Supervisor: Dr Joanna Lewis

The Americas in World History


Charlotte Eaton

The Spanish Mirror: Colombian national identities, the Spanish civil war and its legacies, 1936-1946

Supervisor: Dr Tanya Harmer


Fionntán O’Hara

Humanitarianism and the Cold War: Refugees in Honduras during the 1980s

Supervisor: Dr Tanya Harmer

Contemporary International History and the Global Cold War


Arnaud Balner

Robert Marjolin, European civil Servant (1948-1967)

Supervisor: Professor Piers Ludlow

Oliver Barton

Oliver Barton

Dual Track Diplomacy: Britain, Intermediate Nuclear Forces, and Transatlantic Relations, 1977-87

Supervisor: Professor Matthew Jones


Bernard Gordon

Case studies on the UK and the European Investment Bank (EIB) - 1973-2019

Supervisor: Professor Piers Ludlow


Jeffrey Hawn Jr

The False Dawn: US-Russian Relations 1991-1993

Supervisor: Professor Vladislav Zubok


Richard Hutton

Whitehall and the Man on the Spot: Strategies to Protect and Project British Power in the Interwar Far East

Supervisor: Professor Matthew Jones and Professor Antony Best


Chloë Mayoux

A Place in the World: Negotiating Nuclear Power During African Decolonisation (1958-1963)

Supervisor: Professor Matthew Jones


Kenichi Odrich 

Provisional thesis title to be confirmed 

Supervisor: Professor Piers Ludlow


Gray Sergeant

Provisional thesis title to be confirmed 

Supervisor: Professor Nigel Ashton


Marral Shamshiri-Fard

Resisting Marxism and Imperialism in the Persian Gulf: Political Alliances and Revolutionary Transnationalism, 1965 – 1979

Supervisor: Professor John Chalcraft (LSE Government), Dr Siavush Randjbar-Daemi (St. Andrews History), Dr Sara Salem (LSE Sociology)

Recently graduated PhD students (2015-23)

PhD Graduate
Thesis Title Supervisor
Andrew Capistrano (2023) Far Eastern Questions: Britain, the Washington System, and International Cooperation in China, 1919-1922 Dr Antony Best
Alexandra Penler (2023)  The Quiet Diplomats: American Diplomatic Wives and Public Diplomacy, 1945-1972 Professor Matthew Jones
Grant Golub (2023) Henry L. Stimson, the War Department, and the Politics of American Grand Strategy during the Second World War Professor Matthew Jones
Connell (2023)
'Loyalty more personal and fervent': Australasian imperial identities, 1892-1902 Dr Antony Best
 Sinan Ekim (2022) Towards a “New” Turkishness: Islam, Education and the Making of the “Good Citizen” in the 1950s  Professor Marc David Baer
Rishika Yadav (2022) 'THE BOYS UP NORTH': A history of South Africa's Cape Corps, and the Indian and Malay Corps in the Second World War Dr Joanna Lewis
 William Mitchell (2022)  The Whig idea of Europe, 1685-1705 Dr Paul Stock
Molly Avery (2022) The Southern Cone and Central America: International and Transnational Anticommunist Networks in Guatemala and El Salvador, 1977-1984 Dr Tanya Harmer
Yorai Linenberg (2021)
Jewish Soldiers, Nazi Captors: The Experience of American and British Jewish POWs in German Captivity in the Second World War
Professor Steven Casey; Dr David Motadel and Professor Heather Jones (external)
Hamish McDougall (2021) Staying Alive: New Zealand, Britain and European Integration, 1960-85 Professor Piers Ludlow
Katherine Arnold (2021) German Natural History Collectors in Southern Africa, 1815-1867 Dr Joanna Lewis and Dr David Motadel
Sawai, Isami (2021) East Asia before 'Diplomacy': The Transformation of China and Japan's Foreign Policy-Making, 1858-1881 Professor Antony Best
Benjamin Heckscher (2021) The Socialist Movement for the United States of Europe: transnational socialism and the launching of the early European institutions    Professor Piers Ludlow
Judith Jacob (2021) From Kartosuwiryo to Sungkar: The evolving ideology of Indonesia’s Darul Islam movement, 1928-1993 Dr Kirsten Schulze
Alexandre Dab (2021) Going beyond declaratory diplomacy: France, Britain, transatlantic relations, and the European Community’s diplomatic initiative to the Middle East, 1978-1982 Professor Piers Ludlow
Gaurav Sud (2021) Disinvestment? Out of the question. Managing German business subsidiaries in apartheid South Africa during the tenure of P.W. Botha, 1978-1989 Dr Joanna Lewis
Seung Mo Kang (2021) The crafting of the Treaty of Peace with Japan, 1945-1951 Dr Antony Best
Daniel Berman (2020) Playing the patron: Croatian-American relations and the development of American policy in Yugoslavia, 1989-1995 Dr Svetozar Rajak
Caroline Green (2020) The impact of colonialism on human rights diplomacy: Britain’s colonial legacy and the UN agenda for the advancement of women, 1950-75 Dr Joanna Lewis
Amal Tarhuni Mezughi (2019) The United States, Britain and Qadhafi’s Libya: revisiting the road to confrontation, 1969–1986 Dr Kirsten Schulze
Eline van Ommen (2019) Sandinistas Go Global: Nicaragua and Western Europe, 1977-1990 Dr Tanya Harmer and Professor Piers Ludlow
Artemis Photiadou (2019) British interrogation culture from war to peace, 1939-1948 Dr Joanna Lewis and Dr Heather Jones (external)
Grace Carrington (2019) Non-Sovereign States in the era of Decolonization: Politics, Nationalism, and Assimilation in French and British Caribbean Territories, 1945-80 Dr Joanna Lewis
William King (2019) The British Nerve Agent Debate: Acquisition, Deterrence and Disarmament, 1945-1976 Professor Matthew Jones
Pedro Correa Martín-Arroyo (2019) Europe's Bottleneck: The Iberian Peninsula and the Jewish Refugee Crisis, 1933-1944 Professor Paul Preston
Anne Irfan (2019) Internationalising Palestine: UNRWA and Palestinian Nationalism in the Refugee Camps, 1967-82 Dr Kirsten Schulze
Alex Mayhew (2019) Making sense of the Western Front: English infantrymen’s morale and perception of crisis during the Great War Professor David Stevenson and Dr Heather Jones
Bastiaan Bouwman (2019) Universal Rights in a Divided World: The Human Rights Engagement of the World Council of Churches from the 1940s to the 1970s Professor Piers Ludlow
Isaac Scarborough (2018) The Extremes it Takes to Survive: Tajikistan and the Collapse of the Soviet Union, 1985-1992 Professor Vladislav Zubok
Sarah Ashraf (2018) Of Military and Militancy: Praetorianism and Islam in Pakistan Dr Kirsten Schulze
Daniel Hardegger (2018) PhD Candidates in Berlin and at Columbia, New York City, 1871-1913 Dr Antony Best
Max Skjönsberg (2018) Internecine Discord: Party, Religion and History in Hanoverian Britain, c.1714-1765 Dr Tim Hochstrasser
David Broder (2018) Bandiera Rossa: Communists in German-occupied Rome, 1943-44 Professor Vladislav Zubok
Ian Stewart (2017) 'The Titan of the Early World': Celtic Ideas and National Thought in Britain, Ireland and France, 1700-1900 Dr Heather Jones
Tommaso Milani (2017) 'Les Belles Années du Plan'? Hendrik de Man and the Reinvention of Western European Socialism, 1914-36 ca. Professor Piers Ludlow &
Dr Heather Jones
Scott Gilfillan (2017) Enclave Empires: Britain, France and the Treaty-Port System in Japan, 1858-1868  Dr Antony Best
Corina Mavrodin (2017) A Maverick in the Making: Romania’s de-Satellization Process and the Global Cold War (1953-1963) Professor Piers Ludlow
Ollie Elliott (2017) The American Press and the Rise of Authoritarianism in South Korea 1945-1954 Professor Steven Casey
Cornelis Heere (2017) The British Empire and the Challenge of Japan, 1904-1911 Dr Antony Best
Serkan Kececi (2017) The Grand Strategy of the Russian Empire in the Caucasus against Its Southern Rivals (1821-1833) Professor Dominic Lieven and Dr Antony Best
Paul Horsler (2017) Cometh the Hour, Cometh the Nation: Local-Level Opinion and Defence Preparations Prior to the Second World War, November 1937 – September 1939 Professor David Stevenson
Vishnu Juwono (2016) Berantas Korupsi: a political history of governance reform and anti-corruption initiatives in Indonesia 1945-2014 Dr Kirsten Schulze
Vladimir Dobrenko (2016) Conspiracy of Peace: The Cold War, the International Peace Movement, and the Soviet Peace Campaign, 1946-1956 Professor Arne Westad
Jin Li Lim (2016) New China and its Qiaowu: The Political Economy of Overseas Chinese policy in the People’s Republic of China, 1949–1959 Professor Arne Westad
Chris Parkes (2016) The Welles of Loneliness: Sumner Welles and the Creation of American Foreign Policy Professor Steven Casey
Yu Suzuki (2016) Relationship with Distance: Korea, East Asia and the Anglo-Japanese Relationship, 1880-1894 Dr Antony Best
Sara Al-Qaiwani (2015) Nationalism, Revolution and Feminism: Women in Egypt and Iran, 1880-1980 Dr Kirsten Schulze & Dr Taylor Sherman
Ranj Alaaldin (2015) The Rise of the Shi'a: 1958-1980 Dr Kirsten Schulze
Rosalind Coffey (2015) British Media and Decolonisation in Africa between 1957 and 1960 Dr Joanna Lewis
Jonas Fossli Gjersø (2015) Continuity of Moral Policy': A Reconsideration of British Motives for the Partition of East Africa in light of Anti-Slave Trade Policy and Imperial Agency, 1878-96 Dr Joanna Lewis
Anton Harder (2015) Defining independence in Cold War Asia: Sino-Indian relations, 1949-1962 Professor Arne Westad
Simon Toner (2015) The Counter-Revolutionary Path: South Vietnam, the United States and the Global Allure of Development, 1968-1973 Professor Arne Westad
Takahiro Yamamoto (2015) Balance of Favour: The Emergence of Territorial Boundaries around Japan, 1861-1875 Dr Antony Best