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2021 QS World University Rankings by Subject

In the latest rankings, LSE History continued to be placed 5th in the world for the second year running, ahead of Columbia, Stanford, Berkeley and Princeton. In the UK and in  Europe, History at LSE held its third place, behind Cambridge and Oxford. Browse the 2021 QS World University Rankings by subejct


February 2021


Molly Avery on Pinochet and El Salvador

PhD student Molly Avery was interviewed on the Historias Podcast of the Southeastern Council of Latin American Studies (SECOLAS). She discussed her recent article Promoting a ‘Pinochetazo’ and ongoing PhD research on the international and transnational anticommunist networks during the Cold War in Latin America. Listen here

William Mitchell

PhD student William Mitchell publishes in Church History and Religious Culture journal

Recent scholarship has highlighted the religious dimensions of political argument in William III’s England. The article, "The Primitive Church Revived. The Apostolic Age in the Propaganda of William III", adds to this trend through a political analysis of pieces on the Apostolic Age that were written, re-printed, or cited, in the reign of William III. Read it here


Dr Ellis on the space race in the 1960s

LSE Fellow Dr Tom Ellis was interviewed for the BBC History Extra podcast series “Everything You Wanted to Know” on 21 February. He responded to listener questions on the great Cold War rivalry that saw the US and the Soviet Union battle for dominance in space in the 1960s. Listen here


Professor Spohr on the lessons of the end of the Cold War

Catch up with the latest opinion piece from Professor Kristina Spohr in Spanish-language newspaper “El País". The fall of the Berlin Wall and the crackdown on the Tiananmen protests marked an epochal change, but she argues that the new order that emerged now seems exhausted in face of the climate and pandemic crises we are facing. Access the article in El País (14 February). Read for free (in Spanish).


Dr Harder on India's seat at the UN Security Council and Indo-Chinese dicplomacy

LSE Fellow Dr Anton Harder recently recorded a podcast with an Indian series titled “States of Anarchy”. His episode, “A Seat at the High Table”, discusses some of the history around India’s claim to a seat on the United Nations Security Council and Indian diplomacy in the 1950s, particularly toward China. Available on any podcast app. Read more


Dr Richards co-winner of the Prince Consort & Thirlwall Prize and Seeley Medal

The Prize has been awarded by the Faculty of History at Cambridge University since 1904 for the best doctoral dissertations. Dr Jake Subryan Richards submitted his PhD thesis at Cambridge in 2020 on how abolition laws shaped the opportunities and limitations for "liberated Africans" in the nineteenth-century Atlantic world. He joined us as Assistant Professor last September. Read more 


New publication by PhD Student and GTA Rishka Yadav

Rishika has contributed a  chapter on non-white South African soldiers interned in Europe during the Second World War to a new volume Sights, Sounds, Memories: South African Soldier Experiences of the Second World War (African Sun Media, 2021).


PhD Student Jeff Hawn on Russian current affairs

Read Jeff's opinion articles in Foreign Policy, "Navalny’s Bravery Is Unlikely to Shift Putin’s Entrenched Power" (25 January) and "Time to Think About a World Without Putin" (10 February).


Life behind the lines during the Great War

Check out the new article published in The Historical Journal by PhD Alumnus and Guest Teacher Dr Alex Mayhew, "British Expeditionary Force vegetable shows, allotment culture, and life behing the lines during the Great War". As part of a programme encouraging the cultivation of unused land around camps in Le Havre, members of the British Expeditionary Force participated in a vegetable competition, offering a new perspective on the experience of the Great War. Read it here


New book by Visiting Research Fellow Dr Leonardo Davoudi

Persian Petroleum: Oil, Empire and Revolution in Late Qajar Iran (Bloomsbury) charts the development of Persian petroleum from uncertain beginnings to becoming one of Britain’s largest oil companies. Want a discount? Use the code PETROL30 at checkout. Find out more


The Volga River and Russian History

Emeritus Professor Janet Hartley’s new book with Yale University Press, The Volga. A History of Russia's Greatest River is out now. The Volga River has played a crucial role in the history of the peoples who are now a part of the Russian Federation – and has united and divided the land through which it flows. Professor Hartley explores the history of Russia through the Volga from the seventh century to the present day. Find out more about the book. Read the reviews in Le Grand Continent (31 December 2020, "15 livres à lire en janvier 2021"), The Spectator (16 January), The Geographical (February, "Book of the Month"), The Economist (20 January) and the Financial Times (11 February).

The book launch took place on 9 February and was hosted by the Higher School of Economics (Moscow).

January 2021

Thomas WIlkinson

British and India relations

PhD Student and Graduate Teaching Assistant Tom Wilkinson has written an article for “The Spectator” magazine (26 January). He argues that Britain’s departure from the EU presents an exciting opportunity to build on old alliances around the world, and nowhere is this more true than in the UK’s relationship with India. Read it here


Después del Muro by Professor Kristina Spohr

On 21 January, Professor Spohr discussed her latest book Post Wall, Post Square (Yale University Press, 2020) with the Spanish newspaper El Mundo. Recently published in Spanish, the book  offers a bold new interpretation of the revolutions of 1989, showing how a new world order was forged – without major conflict. Read the interview here (free for LSE users). Read the book reviews from Spanish-language newspapers, El Pais (29 January), El Manaña (7 February), and Politica Exterior (12 February), which called it "a monumental and brilliant book using unpublished sources".

Spohr - ArticleWorldOrder

New edited book by Professor Kristina Spohr

With Dr Daniel S. Hamilton (editor, Wilson Center) and Jason C. Moyer (associate editor, Wilson Center), The Arctic and World Order (Brookings Institution Press) explores the huge political, legal, social, economic, geostrategic and environmental challenges confronting the Arctic regime, and what this means for the future of world order. Catch up with the book launch, which took place on 12 January in Washington DC at the Wilson Center.

Ronald C. Po

Dr Ronald C. Po awarded the Young Scholar Visiting Fellowship

The Fellowship is jointly offered by the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) and the Chaing Ching-Kuo Foundation in Taiwan. The fellowship will support Dr Po's residence at the Asia-Pacific Centre for Chinese Studies and the Institute of Chinese Studies at CUHK as a Visiting Scholar during the 2021/22 academic year.