Professor Dominic Lieven

Former Distinguished Professor in International History (1978-2011)


Professor Dominic Lieven joined LSE in 1978, became a professor in 1993 and a Fellow of the British Academy in 2001. He graduated first in the class of 1973 in history from Cambridge University and was a Kennedy Scholar at Harvard in 1973/4. Subsequently, he has been inter alia a Humboldt Fellow in Germany, and a visiting professor at Tokyo University and Harvard.

He was a Lecturer, Senior Lecturer and Professor at LSE (1978-2011). Head of the Department of Government from 2001 to 2004 and Head of the Department of International History from 2009 to 2011).

From there he was a Senior Research Fellow at Trinity College, Cambridge (2011-2019) and has been a Honorary Fellow from 2019.

He is currently a Visiting Professor in the Department of International History at LSE.

Professor Lieven is also the Chair of the Board of the Paulsen Programme at LSE, hosted by the Department of International History at LSE.

Listen to Professor Lieven presenting a paper on "The Tsar Liberates Europe? Russia against Napoleon, 1807-1814".

Professor Dominic Lieven's publications include:


Towards the Flame. Empire, War and the End of Tsarist Russia, Penguin (2015) [Winner of Pushkin House Prize (London), chosen as one of history books of the year by The Economist. Published in five languages.]


Russia and the Napoleonic Wars (2015) [edited with Janet Hartley and Paul Keenan]


Russia against Napoleon. The Battle for Europe, 1807 to 1814 (2009) [Winner of the Wolfson History Prize and of the annual History Prize of the Fondation Napoléon, chosen
as one of history books of the year by The Economist. Order of
Friendship (Russia). Published in nine languages]


The Cambridge History of Russia. Volume 2: Imperial Russia, 1689-1917 (2006) [editor]


Empire. The Russian Empire and its Rivals (2000)


Nicholas II (1993)


The Aristocracy in Europe 1815/1914 (1992)


Russia's Rulers under the Old Regime (1989)


Russia and the Origins of the First World War (1983)