Ms Medha  Bhattacharya

Ms Medha Bhattacharya

PhD Student

Department of International History

Bengali, English, Hindi
Key Expertise
South Asian History

About me

Medha is currently working under the supervision of Dr Taylor Sherman. She holds a BA in History from King’s College London and an MPhil in South Asian Studies from the University of Cambridge.

Medha is co-editor of the department's LSE International History Blog.

Provisional thesis title:

An Examination of the Hindi and Bengali Movements in South Asia (1930-1971)

This thesis attempts to explore the Hindi and Bengali language movements which flourished in South Asia around the time of independence. As a period of great change in the subcontinent the language movements are an effective lens through which to examine citizenship and nationhood in South Asia, since the protagonists of these movements invariably had distinct ideas of how the newly independent nations of India and Pakistan should function. Additionally, these movements, while inextricably intertwined with understandings of the nation-state were also complicated by allegiances that superseded the priorities of those who would eventually decide the direction of the various states. This project seeks to unpack the political and social effects of these movements launched by various interest groups that sought to mould these newly independent nations.

Expertise Details

South Asian History

Awards and grants

  • LSE PhD Studentship, 2019